Friday, 30 October 2015

Saving Series: Meal Planning

One of the best ways to save money is to cut back on eating out and cook at home more often. It can be hard to put in the extra effort to cook every night though so I find that you need to have a plan. If you organize your meals in advance and do one big shop every week it will save you trips to the grocery store and will encourage you to actually cook the meals so the food doesn't go to waste. 

I like to make a list of what we'll be eating for the next couple of weeks (sometimes even a month if I've got the time) and then follow that when we're organizing our grocery list for the week. 

Another way to save even more is to incorporate dinners that will have enough for leftovers to cover you for lunch the next day. I know some people just hate leftovers but I'm not one of them, I would choose yummy leftovers over a boring homemade sandwich any day (I always prefer sandwiches from restaurants).

Here's a look at what's on our meal plan for the next couple of weeks with links to the recipes: 

1. Best Clam Chowder w/ fresh bread
3. Greek Fish Tacos w/ Side Salad
4. Korean Beef & Rice w/ Roasted Broccoli
7. Pulled Pork Sandwiches w/ Side Salad
10. Sweet Potato Burritos w/ Side Salad
11. Maple & Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin w/ Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans
14. Summer Skillet Gnocchi (it says summer but we just use frozen instead of fresh corn) 

These are all recipes we've had success with in the past and most of them come together pretty darn fast. Enjoy!


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