Monday, 2 November 2015

Awkward Moments at the Nail Salon

I'm a bit of a nail salon junkie. I can't handle long nails so I've never had fake nails before but I do like to have them polished. I'm also horrible with my nails and am lucky if regular polish lasts more than a day without chipping so every 2-3 weeks I go and get done up with some gel polish.

I always go to  fairly cheap place where they'll fix me all up for $25 and it's great but always feels so awkward. Am I the only person who walks into a nail salon and all of a sudden loses all sense of a back bone? Let's just say that I am not a pushover in normal ever day life, but there, it's like I'm transformed into a total people pleaser.

Let's take a minute to discuss some of the worries I have while sitting in that less than comfortable rolling chair...

There's one girl at my regular place who I really prefer but I will always take who I'm given, even if she's sitting right there. I've been lucky and had her the last few times so maybe now we're bff's.

And, now that we're bff's. She has taken to recommending a color for me and apparently I can't say no. She's had good picks so far and it saves me from picking, so all good I guess?? Here's to hoping I don't walk out with neon green nails next time! 

It seems like every time, no matter who does my nails, they do something in a different order on one hand and I pretty much panic that the nail polish is going to just fall off right away. This has never actually happened but I cannot stop the crazy. 

When she's doing my nails I always feel like we're awkwardly holding hands and try so hard to keep my fingers from resting on her hand.

Anyone who has ever been in a cheap nail salon knows that the girls all talk to each other in another language and I am that person who thinks they talk about me. I completely get that I am just not that interesting, and let's be honest (and extra judgey), when I'm at a cheap nail salon at 3 pm in the afternoon I am usually the most normal looking person in there.

Better yet is when they attempt a conversation and you cannot follow it all so you just nod and agree, even when it becomes so clear they are asking you an actual question.

Then there are the super awesome people you encounter. Some of my favourites: the old guy in for a pedicure who must not have washed his feet in the last year (that poor, poor girl), or the lady who must be shooting for the world record for longest nails ever (how do you do anything with those!?), or the lady who talks to you the whole time and tells you your nails have character (what does that mean and thanks...I think).

Well that's my rant, feel free to share your stories and make me feel a little less crazy! 


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