Saturday, 21 November 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: The Guys

Sorry for being a little absent around here this week. I did end up coming down  with that cold so my brain has been a little on the foggy side. Who knows what kind of incoherent chatter wouldn't have ended up here! Anyways, I'll try to up my game next week ;)

I'm going to do a quick series over the next week for holiday gift ideas. I haven't started Christmas shopping at all yet and am feeling the pressure so if you're in the same boat hopefully this will help inspire some great ideas!

First up today we've got gifts for the men in your life. I think most of these could work for spouses, Dad's, friends or even co-workers (the whiskey stones at least). All of these are things I've given in the past and have gone over really well. If you've got other suggestions add them in the comments below, and help inspire us all to get shopping!

1. Nice watch: I have bought watches for quite a few people in my life as gifts and have received one too. I think they work so well as gifts because it's not the kind of splurgy gift people usually like to buy for themselves.

2. Whiskey stones: Have someone in your life who enjoys the odd adult beverage? These whiskey stones make a great stocking stuffer or  you can package them up with a nice bottle of their drink of choice or even some new glasses.

3. Electric razor: Not exactly the most glamorous gift but it is something your favourite guy will use almost daily and, as the bf has assured me, electric razors are so much better than normal razors.

4. Leather wallet: Another one of those things that you don't really want to spend money on yourself but is nice to have a good one. I know my guy like to have the smallest possible wallet so this card holder with a money clip fits the bill perfectly.

5. Toiletry bag: I don't know why these are always called shaving kit because really, what guy has that much shaving stuff. I have always known them as travel kits or toiletry bags but whatever you call them, they make a great gift.

6. Nice underwear: It seems like my theme for this is to spend money on things your guy wouldn't usually spend money one, but hey, whatever works. Earlier this year the bf bought a pack of these underwear when they were on sale and he's sold. Plus, the red ones are even Christmas-y.

7. Funny tee: I know, I know, another tee is probably the last thing you want to add to your guys wardrobe but you know they love them and Busted Tees is a great place to look for funny designs. Another great place to look if your guy finds puns hilarious is Threadless.

8. Sunglasses: Everyone looks great in a classic pair of aviators so why not pick up a pair as a gift. They are also a nice gift that comes in a small package so if you're travelling for Christmas (like us) they wont be hard to pack.

9. Custom Cufflinks: If you've got a guy that has to dress up for work then cuff links can make a sweet and unique gift that can be stuffed in a stocking or wrapped up with a new shirt under the tree. I'm loving these monogrammed ones from Etsy that are made in Canada.

If you need some more gift ideas check out my previous post on DIY Gifts and keep an eye on the blog this upcoming week as there will be more to come!


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