Monday, 23 November 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: The Kiddos

For part three of this little gift giving series we are going to look at great gifts for kids. Now, as most of you know, I don't have any kiddos yet but certainly have a few in my life who I buy presents for. That means that this wont be a list of the hottest toys of the year, that's way out of my wheel house, but instead is (mostly) a list of things I would buy for my friend's littles. There are a couple of bigger ticket items that don't exactly fit this theme, unless you're a super spendy gifter, but I think they are great classic gifts that would get a whole lot of playtime.

1. Kendama: If you're like me you've probably never heard of this but I've been told it's a trendy game for older kids and you learn to do tricks and what not (sort of like how yoyo's used to be popular). It sounds kind of fun and I like that it's a classic toy that is at least somewhat active (you wont find any video games on this list).

2. Lamb Rocker: I had a rocking horse when I was a little one and I LOVED it, I would seriously rock away on it for hours and this adorable little lamb from Costco is so cute and looks way comfier than my old wooden one. I think any little lady would be thrilled to find this under the tree on Christmas morning.

3. Jenga: Now here's a classic game that everyone can enjoy. It takes a certain amount of coordination but for any older kids on your list I think Jenga is such a fun option. Plus it promotes family fun which is always great. I just hope your family isn't crazy competitive like some I know ;)

4. Flannel shirt: You know I love a flannel and this one for boys is super cute. Sure clothes are a bit of a lame gift for kids but hey, their parent's will appreciate it! Zara has some really cute stuff for kids and the quality is great.

5. Wagon: You know how when you were a kid and the one thing you really wanted because it was the coolest, most fun thing was that classic red wagon but you never actually got one and it still kind of haunts you? No, well I do! Buy your kid a wagon folks ;)

6. Winter dress: How perfect would this little dress be on Christmas Day? Same point above that clothes aren't exactly the most exciting gift but oh well, it's how I get my adorable kiddie clothing fix without actually having to have kids. I also just realized this dress is plaid...I think I have a problem.

7. Dollhouse: I had a way less cool dollhouse than this and still thought it was the greatest thing ever. This is definitely a splurge but if that's what you're going for I don't think anyone will be disappointed with your choice. Think of it as an investment, I'm positive it will get a ton of use and last for years.

8. Lego: Really, what is more classic than a case of Lego. It shocks me to see how many ridiculous Lego sets there are now a days, whatever happened to just sitting down with a bunch of blocks and letting your imagination build away. I'm all about confusing instructions here.

9. Books: I think books are great and instilling a love of reading at a young age is so important. Again, not the most exciting gift but also again, the parents will appreciate a book over a noisy toy any day. Book are a go to for me and I almost always include one whenever I'm gift giving to kids.

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