Sunday, 22 November 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: The Ladies

Here we go with part two of my holiday gift guide and today we're focusing on the ladies. Some of these items are things that I own and love and a couple have made it onto my wish list for this year (here's hoping Santa is reading this post).

What are you lovely ladies hoping to find under the Christmas tree next month?

1. Philosophy Rollerball Trio: I'm not a big perfume wearer but I'm actually asking for this set this year as I'm trying to change my ways. I like the rollerball application as I don't find it as overwhelming as a spray and I've heard really great things about Philosophy scents.

2. Adult Colouring Book: These books are new love for me and it's one of my favourite things to do while I'm catching up on some TV. I find I get bored easy when the TV is on and colouring is so much more relaxing than always being on my phone. Pick up one of these books and some pencil crayons for just about any ladies you have to buy for. My mom is also hooked and I think is on her third book!

3. Pretty Watch: This one is a carryover from the guys post but I think a watch works equally well for the gals. We've gifted watches to my mom and to the bf's sister with happy responses. I stumbled over this Etsy listing on Pinterest and really love the wood face. Not a Canadian Etsy shop this time but I think the price is still super reasonable.

4. Clinique Sonic Brush: I got one of these as a gift for my last birthday and it has done wonders to my skin. I've never tried a Clarisonic but the Clinique version works so well and is quite a bit cheaper that I think it's a-ok. This is one of those gifts that a lot of people wont splurge on for themselves but will love you for gifting it after they get a chance to try it out.

5. Sephora Lash Stash: I love, love, love this set and I've received it the last couple of years. Sure it's a bit of a splurge (especially since I usually use drugstore mascara) but it's so fun to try out some luxe products and the small sizes are perfect for travel. This is a sure bet for any beauty buffs on your list.

6. Mittens: I'm a mitten girl through and through (my fingers always freeze in gloves, is that weird) and I had to get a new pair this year and these were the ones. They were way more than I was planning on spending but it was not easy to find a decent looking pair of mittens that didn't look like they could be used to climb Everest.

7. Wallet: My mom absolutely LOVES these cute, patterned wallets. I'm buying her one for the third time this Christmas. Again they are from an American Etsy store so the exchange rate is killing me a bit this year but it's the only thing she's actually asked me for.

8. Flannel Shirt: This is a thrifty gift but I've got three of them and they are my favourite shirts this winter, I practically live in them. I love the pullover style but they do have a classic button down version, but go for the boyfriend fit, so cute and comfy!

9. Druzy Earrings: Need something a little fancier for a special lady? Jewelry is always a good bet and these earrings are handmade, unique and oh so pretty. I'll take this rose gold pair pretty please ;)

I hope this helps you guys out with your Christmas shopping! There's a couple other posts up with some DIY Gifts and Gifts for Guys and there will be more to come this week.


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