Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Saving Series: Handmade Gifts

Christmas is always such an expensive time for us. I love buying, wrapping and giving gifts, and even though we don't have a huge family to buy for it still adds up so fast. We also don't have many kids to buy for so it's mostly parents, siblings and friends who can be hard to buy for since they always seem to have everything. This is when I turn to some easy (but still awesome) handmade gifts that people really seem to like.

Here's some things that have made my DIY list for the season.

1. Tile Coasters - I haven't tried this out yet but I will be (I'll let you know how it goes). I looked through a bunch of tutorials and this one sounds the best and makes the coasters water and heat resistant. You can use patterned scrapbook paper or even your own pictures for these coasters (Instagram pics would work great since they're already square). 

2. Crochet Slouchy Beanies - I am addicted to making these right now and will be giving them to everyone this year. I only learnt how to crochet last year and taught myself from you tube videos so don't feel intimidated, it's easy! These beanies are cute and really comfy, I pretty much live in one of mine every weekend. My favourite yarn for these is Caron Simply Soft which can be found at Michael's (make sure you grab a coupon).

3. Color Blocked Wood Vases - These vases are so cute and simple to make. I think they would make fantastic hostess gives with some fresh flowers in them. You can go with festive colours or keep it a little more neutral to match anyone's decor. Or change up the pattern and go with thinner stripes or even a chevron pattern instead of the colour blocking. 

4. Twenty Minute Totes - Have a sewing machine at home? These totes would work up super fast and would work great as reusable gift bags that can be used over and over. The gift bag that keeps on giving ;)

5. Marbled Clay Ring Dishes - How pretty are these little jewelry dishes? I think these would be perfect for any ladies in your life and they look unique and pricey! The tutorial sounds easy enough but I have zero experience dealing with clay and I have some doubts mine would be so nice and bowl-shaped. But hey, if it does work out...awesome, and if not I guess I'll have a misshapen jewelry dish for personal use. 

6. Boozy Hot Chocolate Mix - Here's a super easy (aka last minute) gift that would be great for neighbours, co-workers or teachers (or maybe not it acceptable to give booze to teachers? Probably not...). Anyways, you could make a bunch of these really fast if you need something quick. 

7. String Art Map Panel - This one isn't so much a tutorial as just picture inspiration but it's easy enough to follow. You could do a province (or state as shown) or do a country or pretty much anything else you can come up with. I also think it would be cute to do a star (instead of a heart) in the middle and mark off the location of a meaningful city. A piece of wood, some stain or paint, nails and some string...can't get much easier than that and you didn't even need to be an artist. 

8. Infused Olive Oils - Flavoured olive oil is so popular right now and its really simple to mix some up for yourself or as gifts. Get some cute little bottles, good quality olive oil (try Costco) and some herbs and you can whip up some little gift sets in no time. 

Let me know how it goes if you try any of these or if you've got other great DIY gift ideas. 


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