Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Best of 2015: Movie Edition

With 2015 coming to a close I've put together a few recaps of things I really enjoyed over the past year. To kick things off I'm looking at movies that came out over the past year (with one exception) and which ones I thought were great and a few duds. One caveat here is that I can be pretty fussy when it comes to movie watching (ok, and other things...) so I really only watch movies that get at least decent reviews (hooray for Rotten Tomatoes). This means that the duds are really just ones that disappointed me, and in no way the worst movies of the year because let's be honest...who even wastes time on crap movies. 

So here we go, my favourite movies of 2015, in a very particular order. 

#1. The Martian: This ended up being my favourite movie of the year and favourite book of the year. I did like the book a little better than the movie (always the way) but the movie is still fantastic. It was also awesome because I knew Matt Damon was in the movie before I started the book so I read the whole thing as him. 

#2. Kingsman: Secret Service: I was surprised how much I liked Kingsman as I had pretty low expectations going in but it is so fun and entertaining. I know it was pretty popular but if you somehow missed it you should go and watch it, I do believe it's also on Netflix now. 

#3. True Story: This is a newbie for me as I actually just watched it this past weekend. The reviews are a little mixed for it which makes zero sense to me (and obviously I'm a professional critic) but Jonah Hill and James Franco are great as it's right in the true crime wheelhouse that I'm kind of obsessed with lately. 

#4. Sicario: Dark, gritty, violent....all the things I love about a good Denis Villeneuve film and Sicario covers all those bases. 

#5. Trainwreck: Amy Schumer had a heck of a year and this movie really proves that she can carry a movie. Sure it's a romantic comedy but I watched it with the bf and we both loved it. Even LeBron James is funny it, and I kind of can't stand him. 

#6. Room: Another great movie that came from a great book. It must have been a couple of years ago that I read Room and I think it's worthwhile reading it before you see the movie. The little boy in the movie is so good and how can you not love Brie Larson. It's sure not an uplifting movie but everyone needs a good cry every now and again. 

#7. Spotlight: The second journalism movie on my list this year and this one centers on a group of journalists investigating cases of priest abuse in Boston. Rachel McAdams and Mark Ruffalo are in it which is good enough reason to check it out but it's also very well written. Don't go in expecting an edge of your seat thriller because it is not but it's intense enough to keep you involved. 

#8. Furious 7: Ok, ok, I'm a sucker for pretty much all of these movies, even the really bad ones, which this one is not. I still think Fast 5 is the best of the franchise but 7 is good enough to make my list and the extra storyline of Paul Walker's death makes it just a little sweeter. 

#9. Spy: This wont make everyone's top 10 list and you definitely need to be a Melissa McCarthy fan to enjoy it but apparently I am and found this hilarious! One of the best, straight up funny movies I've ever seen. Her and Jason Statham are hysterical together and there is just enough real spy stuff to make it exciting. 

#10. Short Term 12: This one is a little different because it's not from 2015 but I just discovered in on Netflix earlier this year and fell in love with the movie. It's a story about a group home for minors and follows the stories of the children and the counselors. Brie Larson stars in it and it is so good (as I said above, I'm a fan). It covers some pretty heavy topics but still ends up being sweet and inspiring. 

And now for the duds....this time in no particular order, they all sucked. 

Magic Mike XXL kicks things off for being so incredibly ridiculous. I liked the first one, it had a cute story line and was just stripper-y enough but this one had zero plot and ended up just being gross. I don't know about the rest of you ladies but a sweaty stripper grinding his junk in my face would never be my idea of a good time (even if it was Channing Tatum). 

Black Mass was just a disappointment because really, Johnny Depp playing an infamous gangster should just work but this movie was so painfully boring. I don't even mind a slow-burn of a movie but this was just awful. 

Our Brand is Crisis wasn't a horrible movie but I had high hopes for it. I'm a big fan of Sandra Bullock and it looked a little like The Ides of March which I really enjoyed but ended up being boring and just blah. 


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