Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Best of 2015: TV Edition

Part 2 of my Best of 2015 series and today I'm talking about TV and what I was hooked on this past year. If you want to check out my last post on movies you can get it here. TV shows are a little less specific since they usually go across more than one year so my criteria for this list is that it aired at least some episodes at some point in 2015 (super strict I know)! What have you guys enjoyed watching this year? 

#1. The Jinx: This was the year of true crime for me and The Jinx was the absolute best of anything I watched, listened to or read...and there's a crazy ending! 

#2. Master of None: Oh Aziz, how I love you and your witty sense of humour! This Netflix series is so good and he is just so darn likable. It's so smart and charming and perfect to binge on. 

#3. Dreamland (Utopia): I've raved on here about Dreamland before and it would be impossible to leave it off my list of faves so here it is. Go watch it, it's on Netflix. 

#4. Broad City: I always feel a little weird recommending Broad City to anyone because Abbi and Ilana (the two main characters) are crude, rude, a little gross but so hysterical. If you don't take offense too easily it's worth a watch...YASSS! 

#5. Luther: I'm actually surprised that so many of my picks this year are comedies and I usually like things a little darker...that's where Luther comes in. A dark, heavy cop drama with Idris Elba, what more could you ask for? 

#6. You're the Worst: Funny in a cynical and sarcastic sort of way, the blossoming relationship between Jimmy and Gretchen is the focus of You're the Worst. It's kind of a romantic comedy between two of the most unromantic people on TV. 

#7. The Good Wife: What is there to really say about The Good Wife? If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet you probably aren't going to, no matter how many people tell you to. It's probably the best written show on cable and the characters seem to just keep getting better. I actually wish I could go back and watch season 5 for the first time again! 

#8. Life in Pieces: Ok, I might be totally offside on this one because the reviews really aren't that great but I find it so funny and I actually like how they split up the episodes into short stories (short attention span much?). 

#9. Hawaii Five-0: My guilty pleasure show for the past five years. It's now kind of tradition to watch this over breakfast on Saturday mornings. Sure it's fluff, but it's delicious, action packed, funny fluff. Plus, Alex O'Loughlin has his shirt off at least once an episode and that's definitely not a bad thing.

#10. Code Black: I haven't liked a lot of the new cable shows this year but I find myself enjoying Code Black more and more every week. I think the cast is great and I've been needing a new medical drama (I still watch Grey's but it's sure gone downhill the last few years). 

I've also got a few fails; shows that I just could not get into for whatever reason. 

Supergirl: Apparently people love this show but I just didn't, I found it was to teeny-bopper for me. 

Bloodline: The casting for this is amazing but holy man was it a slog to get through. I was waiting for some big twist but it felt like I watched the whole thing and nothing happened. 

Making a Murderer: Another true crime drama and this time one that I didn't really enjoy. I think I'm in the minority here but I had a hard time with this one. I'll admit that I'm kind of a terrible person in that I just could not jump on board with these characters, they were all just kind of awful! The bf liked it though, so if you're a better person than me give it a shot ;) 

True Detective: What a letdown! I thought Season 1 was so good and when I heard who they cast for the 2nd season I thought it would be equally as wasn't, not even close. I'm still angry about it. 


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