Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas Baking

'Tis the weekend to drag out the cookie sheets and mixing bowls and whip up some Christmas baking. This year I'm going with a couple of old favourites and a couple of new additions that hopefully turn out ok! 

I like to pack everything up in Christmas gift boxes from the dollar store with some wax paper and hand them out to friends, colleagues, neighbours...who doesn't love Christmas baking! I'm open to exchanges too ;)

Here's what's going in those boxes this year: 

Easy Homemade Toffee
I've done this chocolate covered toffee for the last 4 (I think) years and it is always a hit, so much so that I'm pretty much required to make it every year now. I always make a couple of batches and top one with some sort of nut (this year it's slivered almonds) and another with crushed candy canes as we've got some nut allergy sufferers. Side note: bulk barn actually sells crushed candy canes so you don't need to peel off those stupid plastic wrappers yourself...I was a little too excited to find those this year! Last year was actually a bit of a disaster for this toffee, the only tricky part is the carmelization process and I think it's actually better to use salted butter and then omit the salt from the recipe. Round two worked perfectly though and that was the only mishap with this recipe (and I never use a candy thermometer). Lesson learned though, unsalted only! 

Classic Shortbread Cookies 
Shortbread is my absolute favourite and there's always some variety on the baking list. This recipe is great, rich and know, everything you want in a shortbread cookie. I like to dip them in a little dark chocolate but they are also great as is. Pro tip, make lots as they may or may not all make it to the packaging step. 

Coconut Macaroons
These are a new addition but they look so yummy and I figured coconut would be kind of a nice change from the classic Christmas cookies. I haven't decided if I'm going to drizzle a little chocolate on these or just leave them plain, it'll be a game time decision once I see how they turn out. I can't make any guarantees on this recipe as it's new to me but I've made other recipes from Sally's Baking Addiction that have turned out really well so I have high hopes. 

Easy Oreo Truffles
These are another new to me recipe but it was recommended to me by a very trustworthy source so I'm giving it a shot. Plus, I've been on a big Oreo kick for the last while (kind of weird since they never used to be my thing...and no, I'm not preggers!) and add in some cream cheese and it pretty much sounds like heaven. Oh, and only three ingredients, doesn't get much more basic than that. 

Do you have any Christmas baking in the works for this year? If so, what are you cooking (baking) up?

PS. We are doing Christmas with my family on the 19th so this is officially our last pre-Christmas weekend to get things done...YIKES!


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