Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Spoiled Rotten

Spoiling children

With Christmas on the horizon and all the gifting it brings I want to chat for a minute about the matter of spoiling your kids. This is a subject that kind of hits home with me because I'm an only child, and therefore, was (and still sometimes am) accused of being "spoiled rotten". Sure, I had a comfortable childhood with two parents who both worked good jobs and I am completely aware that I had certain privileges that not everyone had but I do not considered myself spoiled, and certainly not rotten!

I think it's a-ok for parents to spoil their kids on Christmas, take them on nice vacations and whatever else they want to do (and can reasonably afford)...it's really none of anyone else's business. I do however also think it is so important to teach kids the value of a dollar and that not everything in life comes easy. My parents were (and still are) there to help me if I need but I also was encouraged to get a job at age 14 and have worked ever since. This included part-time jobs all through high school and university and then getting a full-time job right after graduation. I like to think that I have ended up with a great job in a field I enjoy because my parents instilled in me a good work ethic and desire to succeed instead of a sense of entitlement and that means more to me than any of the gifts they bought me or places we traveled. 

Not much makes me crazier than people who have no drive and seem to float through life taking handouts from others...seriously, makes me CRAZY! If you have kids please do yourself and your kids (and me!) a favour and teach them the value of putting in a little extra effort; teach them the basics of money and the role it plays in getting what they want. 

It feels a little weird going on what is basically a parenting rant, you know, since I'm not a parent but I'm always happy to share some opinions ;) 

Now go on out and buy presents with no guilt, and maybe, just maybe, add in a little tidbit about how hard you work to buy all those pretty gifts. Rant over! 

Spoiling children


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