Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Perfectly Polished Flats

I've always had aspirations of being one of those ladies who can wear sky-high, pointed toe pumps to work every day and look seriously bad-ass. You know just like the ladies in 'Suits' who kill it the work wear department...because obviously comparing your real life wardrobe to a TV wardrobe is totally practical...
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But alas, I am not that girl. I am just not a heel-wearing girl, never have been and am pretty sure I never will be. For starters, I'm already tall (5'8) and wearing heels makes me feel like I'm towering above everyone else and I'm just not comfortable with that. And because I've always felt awkward in heels I've just never worn them that often so my feet have no tolerance to being cranked at such an angle. 

This means that I'm always on the hunt for flats that are polished enough to wear to work (my work isn't suit and tie fancy but dressing professionally is important). There are a few things I look for in flats that I think makes them more work appropriate. I really like a pointed toe and really think it looks more polished, and makes your legs look longer. I also like to keep colours fairly neutral, I'm willing to add some colour but usually keep it in the darker, more jewel-toned realm as opposed to bright. Quality is also key; good quality materials (think leather, or suede) will look more sophisticated and will last you longer. 

I've rounded up a few great options from around the web in case you need to refresh your shoe wardrobe! 

#1; #2; #3; #4; #5; #6; #7; #8; #9; #10

Now, there are times when you need (or want) to dress it a little so having a couple pairs of heels isn't such a bad idea. I like a wedge heels to keep thinks comfy or even a mid-heeled pump can serve it's purpose without putting you in to much pain. Here's some of my recommendations in this department; I own the Clark's booties in grey and absolutely love them, and these Aldo pumps are just high enough make you feel fancy but not so much that you'll fall over (I have them in black and nude...enough said). 
#1; #2; #3

You'll notice that quite a few of the links are for SHOEme.ca, and that's for good reason. I've had really good luck ordering from them and it's usually the first place I look when I need new shoes. They offer free shipping (always), free and easy returns, and there always seems to be a good sale. No paid advertisement here or anything, I just find think the site's a good resource for Canadian shoe shoppers! 


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