Sunday, 13 March 2016

Tax Slip Mailing Dates

We are getting well into tax season now and you have probably had tax slips showing up in your mail box over the past month or so. If you are expecting to get a refund this year you might want to jump the gun and get your taxes filed ASAP so you can get your moola but you may want to rethink, especially if you have investments. 

Most tax slips have to be mailed out by March 2nd so if your taxes are fairly simple and you don't have any non-registered investments you are likely fine to get going. I would still wait a little (unless you are certain you have everything) because there can always be a bit of a delay with good old Canada Post. 

If you do have non-registered investments, and definitely if they are invested in mutual funds, you will need to hold off. Mutual fund companies will send you out T5's and T3's and the T3's don't even have to be mailed out until March 31st. Crazy right? If you are in that situation you are best to hold off until mid-April before finalizing your return...definitely don't want to be get stuck having to file an amendment after the fact. Now, most of the companies don't wait until the bitter end to send out your T3's but it's certainly something you need to keep in mind. 

I've put together a quick summary of the mailing dates for some of the more popular tax-slips that you may be waiting for. If you haven't received something it's a good idea to contact your financial advisor, employer or whoever would have issued the slip to ensure they have your correct mailing address. 

Type of SlipMust Be Mailed By
RRSP Contribution ReceiptPrevious year contributions mailed in January. First 60 days are sent the week after each contribution.
T4RSP / T4RIFMarch 2nd
T4AMarch 2nd
T5March 2nd
T5008March 2nd
T5013March 2nd
T3March 31st


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