Wednesday, 18 May 2016

May Loves

I cannot believe it's already the middle of May, kind of scary! Feels like summer is going to be over before it even gets started. Time to soak up as much outdoor-time as possible (I'm sitting on my deck while writing this so that's a start!) Since we are halfway through the month it's time for me to fill you in on what I'm currently loving, so let's get to it. 

1. Beyonce's Lemonade
Ok, but who isn't right? I've been listening to the album just about non-stop since it came out and am all ready for the big concert on Friday night here in Edmonton, rain or shine (forecast is definitely looking like rain...) I think the album is great and Queen Bey means business! Whether or not Jay-Z was cheating on her or not (my vote says yes, because why would she air all this dirty laundry if there wasn't at least some truth to it), the songs are good. Angry Bey might just be my favourite Bey. As of right now Lemonade is still only available on Tidal but you can get a free trial if you're up for it, otherwise I'm sure you'll figure something out!  

I am not a big fan of shorts, I can never find a pair that is that flattering and they always ride up (yup, my thighs touch) so when it's hot out you will most likely find me wearing a casual skirt just like this much more comfortable! This Joe Fresh one is nice and lightweight and even has pockets, bonus! 

I splurged this year and bought myself a good pair of sunglasses for the first time ever. Usually I just buy cheap-o ones, but wow, good ones really do make a difference. I got the Ray Ban Caravan's and they are perfect, comfortable and crystal clear. I always seem to need nose pads in sunglasses / glasses otherwise they sit to low so the Wayfarer's were a no go for me but I do love them, and they come in lots of fun colours. 

I'm not really sure how I feel about recommending this as it is crazy expensive, but I was able to get mine when they had a deal going on and it is a game-changer. My friends niece sells Monat products so I bought one of their systems and when I did they threw in the hairspray for only $10. I haven't been using the rest of the products for long enough to make a call on them but I'll get back to you. My hair is always really bad for having flyaways  and this hairspray locks them down like nothing else and actually keeps them in place without making hair crunchy. 

Ok, yum! They were giving out samples of this at Superstore awhile back and I tested it ok (because I will never pass up free chocolate) and this stuff is AMAZING. I've always liked the Brookside chocolate covered stuff but these new bars are even better. There's fruit in it that makes it healthy right? 

I feel like I'm full of iffy recommendations this month but maybe you'll feel the same way. These X-Hose's have pretty awful review and we actually had once last year that started leaking halfway through the summer, but...I was more than happy to buy another one this year around to save my sanity. We've got a big backyard and have flowers to water at the front of the house and the very back of the yard so dragging around a heavy rubber hose that gets kinks CONSTANTLY makes me insane...there have been backyard breakdowns! This hose solves all those problems; it's super light, shrinks up pretty darn small and never, ever, ever kinks. It is absolutely worth the $70 to me, even if I need to replace it every year.  

7. Black Shirtdress
I've been looking for a good shirtdress for a long time and finally found one at Simon's last weekend. This one is is linen but is also lined so it's got a decent weight to it that covers any lumps and bumps and drapes really nicely. The small cap sleeves are also perfect for the summer. It's a great dress up or dress down option for work or weekend. 

8. Grizzly Paw Ginger Beer 
I love just about anything ginger and this ginger beer is super gingery and super delicious. When we were in Canmore last weekend we stopped at the Grizzly Paw Brewery and stocked up on beer and pop and this is my #1 pick. I've been a convert to the dark ginger ale but this is even better because it's even stronger. If that sounds like your thing you should pick some up. If you're in Canmore definitely stop by the brewery but the do sell it at a few Save-on-Food locations in Edmonton and they have it at Love Pizza (good pizza, good pop!) 


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