Sunday, 1 May 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Every year Mother's Day creeps up on me because it always comes up right after my Mom's birthday. This means that I usually use up my good gift idea for her birthday and end up giving her flowers for Mother's day...a little boring! Well, we've still got a week to go and I've put a little extra thought into it this year and have put together a quick gift guide if you are also running a little last minute. Everything on the list is local to Edmonton and, if you really want to leave things to the last minute, almost all of the sellers will be at the Royal Bison Craft Fair next weekend (just off Whyte Ave). The only one not there is MyDaughter Fragrances but her perfumes are sold in quite a few local stores. 

I gave my mom the Always Loved perfume as a gift and she will likes it. It's very floral (roses) so might not be everyone's tastes but it suits my mom perfectly. It also comes packaged up really nice in a gift box (see above) so just throw on some ribbon and you're good to go! 

Art can be really subjective but chances are you have a pretty good idea of your own mom's taste so I say go for it. Emily's work is quirky and fun and a small print would be perfect for a bathroom or office. 

I love the prints the prints Salgado Fenwick's shirts (and sweaters, leggings, etc.) and this porcupine one is one of my favourites. They will be set-up at the Royal Bison but also have a storefront on 124 Street if that's more convenient for you, plus you can grab a really good coffee on site. 

Jewelry is always a sure thing with my Mom and this necklace is so pretty and way more unique then anything you'll find at the mall (and better value too). 

Plain old flowers are boring but a cute little terrarium that will keep on living is anything but boring. They are easy to care for and there are lots of different options available. 

If you're just looking for a small gift or maybe something to bring along for dessert, look no further than Moonshine Doughnuts. You'll be able to pick them up fresh on Sunday from the craft fair and trust me, they are some of the most delicious doughnuts you will ever eat. The flavours change weekly but I've never had a bad one. 

Happy gifting, I hope I've given you a little inspiration for a unique (and maybe local) gift for Mom! 


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