Sunday, 12 June 2016

Father's Day Gift Ideas

We're one week out from Father's Day (June 19th this year) and if you haven't already picked up a little something for your pops I've got you covered with a few gift ideas. There's a bit of variety here so hopefully you'll find something your Dad will love, no matter what he's into. 

1. Cell Phone Docking Station and Valet
Have a Dad who is constantly losing his keys? This valet might be just the thing then. It's made out of solid wood and you can get it in a bunch of different types of wood and would be perfect for on top of a dresser to keep all your Dad's bits and pieces in one place. I'm actually thinking of picking one of these up for the bf, he also has his stuff scattered everywhere and he has a birthday coming up this Summer. 

2. Unique Watch
Watches are a go to gift for me as they work for just about everyone. I love, love, love these Tmbr watches. I got one for Christmas and wear it a ton. They are made with a wooden face which makes them super light and the leather strap is so soft and comfortable. There's lots of options available with different colours of wood and leather and they're also very reasonably priced for a good watch. 

3. Solar Panel USB Charger
Is your Dad an outdoorsy type? This solar panel would be perfect for camping trips to or just to keep your phone charged when your sitting out on the deck. It's compact so it's easy enough to travel with and can charge any devices that connect via USB. 

4. The Food Lab by J. Kengi Lopez-Alt
This is an amazing cookbook for anyone who likes to be in the kitchen. The bf loves to cook and he got this as a gift and has read it cover to cover and gone back to the recipes a ton. Not only are the recipes in it great, the book also goes into detail about the science behind cooking and why certain methods work better than others. 

5. A Dad Shirt
The model in this picture may look young but this is a perfect 'Dad' shirt. I don't know about yours but my Dad pretty much lives in short sleeve plaid shirts in the Summer and this one is exactly his style. It's also pretty cheap and a portion of the proceeds go to charity so you can renew your Dad's wardrobe and do some good at the same time. 

6. The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
Maybe your Dad is a voracious reader and you want to pick him up a new book, well this one comes HIGHLY recommended from the bf. He just read this last year and it's one of his favourite books ever. There's actually four books in the series so you can even pick them all up to keep your Dad busy reading for the rest of the year.

7. Set of Beer Glasses
I don't have a problem drinking beer straight out of the bottle but if your Dad is more of a beer connoisseur he might appreciate have the right glass for his brew (or brews) of choice. This set will cover all your bases and have you Dad drinking happy all year round. 


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