Thursday, 16 June 2016

June Loves

It's that time of the month where I round-up a few of my favourite things to share with you, so here we go...

Simon's Tee
Never in my life would I have thought that I would have a crop top on this list but I'm breaking my rule and and am in love with this shirt. It's not actually that short, I sized up and there is no belly-button baring here. It's so, so soft and comfortable and I think it's pretty flattering. And it's cheap...all good things. 

Navy Blue Nail Polish
I realize it's summer and we are all supposed to be wearing the brightest nail colour we can find but I'm bucking that trend and going dark. I was looking for a navy polish that was actually dark, so many of them are still pretty bright blue, but this one if's almost black but not quite as harsh. It's my new favourite, at least for right now. I'm sure I'll be back to brights soon enough but I'm embracing the navy. 

Tanis Podcast
I've mentioned on the blog before about how we started listening to The Black Tapes Podcast on our road trip to Canmore and how good it was. Well, Tanis is made by the same people and I am loving it just as much. It's a fictional story about the mystery that is Tanis...I don't even know what else to say as it's all very weird but if you like story-telling / mystery podcasts I'm sure you will love it. It's been pretty recent that I've listened to fictional podcasts but I find I get pretty attached to them...just like TV. The bf thinks I'm crazy but I actually find myself rooting for characters to hook-up in the show and other what not. Is that weird or maybe just the sign of a good podcast? This one is like that for me so someone listen to it and have the same reaction, thanks :) 

Lululemon Run: Stuff Your Bra
This sports bra is THE BEST! It's the only one I will wear for any sort of medium/high impact activity. The support is great, it wicks sweat, comes in cute colours and patterns but most importantly...the pockets. So many of my workout pants just have those pitiful little slit pockets along the waistband that are pretty much useless but this bra solves all those problems by letting you stuff it. It's perfect for chapstick, your house key, poop bags for the dog, some cash, whatever you need to have with you while you're out for a run. I will also sometimes use it for my phone (I know, I know). I'm not in the camp that thinks your phone will cause cancer so that doesn't really worry me and my phone hardly fits in any pockets in workout gear so it's better than having to hold it. 

President's Choice Ice Cream Sandwiches
After your tough workouts in your awesome sports bra what could be more perfect than an ice creamy treat. Nothing, that's what. Oreo's are kind of my thing and these knockoffs are delicious. They are pretty small but they are also pretty rich and at only 120 calories they wont completely ruin your diet or make you feel all guilty. I find that I like to have a little something sweet after dinner and having these in the house helps eliminate (ok, lessen) trips out to Dairy Queen. See, diet and wallet friendly. 

Fun Coffee Mug
I've got the most boring coffee mugs at home and always think I should upgrade to a mug that makes me smile when I drink my morning coffee. This one fits the bills, it's cute but also kind of snarky. ArtRuss has a bunch of cute designs in her Etsy store and she gets bonus points for being Canadian. I also like that you can pick from a couple of different sizes, but let's be honest...who doesn't need 15 oz's of coffee in the morning. 

Franco Sarto Sandals 
I have a similar pair of Franco Sarto sandals that I bought last summer and wore pretty much everyday. The ones I have are all white and ever so much use are looking a little worse for wear so I would love to add another pair to my wardrobe. I really like these ones with the white and navy blue, they're still nice and summery but different enough from the ones I currently own. Even better, they are 50% off at The Bay right now! (I may have just ordered them) I found that they do fit a little narrow so if you have wide fit these may not be the ones for you, they are leather though so will stretch out a bit. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Popsicles
We have a pretty substantial rhubarb plot in our backyard that grows like crazy. I have no idea how because it's right under a tree in rocky soil and gets hardly any sun but man, that stuff is tough as nails! This means that we always have an abundance of rhubarb and not exactly an abundance of ways to use it (there's only so much crumble one person can eat). I stumbled upon this popsicle recipe and they sounded like the perfect way to use up some of our rhubarb, and let me tell you it sure was. These popsicles turned out so well, the strawberry and rhubarb works so well together and the addition of Greek yogurt makes them feel a little decadent while still being fairly healthy. It doesn't specify the type of yogurt in the recipe (I'm guessing probably plain) but I used a vanilla Greek yogurt and eliminated the vanilla bean and used a bit less sugar...made it even simpler and still tasty. 


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