Wednesday, 20 July 2016

July Loves

Rose Quartz Necklace
I talked last week about my essentials for summer work wear and I should have added this necklace to the list. I like to keep things simple for the summer and don't wear a lot of jewelry but this necklace is so light and pretty with the rose coloured stone that I've been reaching for it again and again.  I have a few pieces from Cloud & Lolly and really like them. You get good quality, locally made and the prices are super reasonable. Check them out if you're looking to upgrade your jewelry box. 

Under Armour Underwear

I bought a couple of pairs of these last year for working out and have just about converted my whole underwear selection to them and wear them just about everyday. So worth it! There's two versions available, the one on this link and then the original version. Definitely go with the ones on this link, the fabric is much softer and stretchier. The original pairs I bought have been worn a lot and gone through the was a lot and are still in really good shape so it makes me feel better about spending a few extra bucks. 

Essie nail polish is hardly a new phenomenon but I just recently tried out their 'Good to Go' top coat and it is AMAZING! I've tried a bunch of different brands but I always have issues with the polish bubbling underneath or they just don't stop chips. This Essie one dries your polish really fast, has never caused bubbles, stays shiny for days and makes my polish last a full week (and I am hard on my nails). 

It's pretty rare that you find me in a bathing suit in Edmonton, we just never really go swimming and aren't exactly blessed with the greatest lakes but I have been eyeing up this pretty suit. We do have a wedding in Mexico next Spring so maybe I'll pick it up for that. I'm loving the high-waisted trend in bathing suits that has taken over the last little bit. You still show enough skin to avoid looking frumpy but the high-waist looks so classy and flattering. I also really like the corset-style lacing on this one and the top looks cute but also supportive enough. The link above is for the top and you can find the high-waisted bottoms here

Nothing says summer more than not having to turn on your stove and increase the heat in your already smoking house! These summer rolls are easy to make (once you get the hang of rolling them up) and there's actual cooking involved. Just some prep work with chopping up the filling and mixing up the yummy peanut sauce. I've also added shrimp to the recipe for a little extra protein and it worked really well. The recipe makes a batch of 8 but I like to make a few extra as they also make a great lunch the next day. If I don't have leftovers for lunch I am pretty much useless at making something else which means eating out. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush
I received a sample of this blush from Sephora and became an instant convert. As soon as the sample ran out I was at the store buying the full size version. The shade I have is 'Captivating' and its a gorgeous peachy colour that works really well with my medium skin tone. The blush goes on really smoothly and is perfectly blendable but I also find that it really does last throughout the day. Blush always has a tendency to disappear on me by about lunch time and I can still tell I'm wearing this when I get home from work. 

Back Massager
Upon a recommendation from a friend I ordered this back massager thing from Amazon and am kind of hooked on it. There's four plastic balls that rotate inside and it really gets into any notes you have in your back in that 'hurt so good' kind of way. They also heat up so it's like a heating pack and massager in one, although you can turn off the heat if you prefer. The link is from which is where I bought it, and even though you have to pay shipping and US dollars I still think it's worth it. There is one available on the Canadian side of the site but it's insane expensive right now ($92!!) so go this route. 


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