Thursday, 7 July 2016

Summer Work Wear

I don't know about you guys but my motivation for getting dressed up for work takes a nose dive when the hot weather hits and it becomes way more of a challenge to put together professional looking outfits. Here's a few of my favourite items in my summer wardrobe that get a lot of wear and keep things easy. 

Relaxed but Polished Sleeveless Blouse
These portofino shirts from Express are a go to for me, both the sleeveless and the long sleeved. They fit really well and come in a ton of colours, I really like this rich blue sleeveless option for the summer. I like to size up in the sleeveless version for a more relaxed fit. Pairs perfectly with the Express ankle pant further down the list, either tucked or not. 

Summer Dress that will take you into Fall
Dresses are an absolute must for me during the summer months! There is nothing better than a sleeveless, airy dress on a hot day and this one fits the bill. I love the neutral colours and belted waist, looks professional but will still keep you cool. If you act quick it's even on sale at The Bay. 

Neutral Patterned Tank
Even though it's summer I still like to stick to neutrals for the most part (as you can see from my picks) but I do like to change things up with a pattern. This tank is really cute and looks great paired with a black pencil skirt for work or jeans on the weekend. 

Essential Cardigan
Anyone who works in an office knows the struggle of having to dress for hot temps outside and overly air conditioned offices! I always keep a cardigan (or two) at the office to prevent freezing and this is a cheap option that gives you a bunch of colour options. 

Simple Stud Earrings
My lack of inspiration in the summer months is especially fatal when it comes to wearing jewelry so I tend to keep things simple. There nothing worse than wearing a stack of bangles only to have them make you gross and sweaty. Tiny stud earrings are my go to and I have been wearing these little triangles non-stop. They come in a set of 10 pairs from Forever 21 for less than $8 so you can stock up and not worry about losing a pair! 

Fun and Flowy Midi Skirt
How cute is this skirt? I love skirts in the summer for the same reason I love dresses, air flow! The only downfall is that you also have to figure out a shirt to wear and some days that's a deal breaker. Keeping it simple with a basic black or white tee will make things easy enough with this skirt and its got enough going on to carry the workload. I much prefer flowy skirts in the hot weather and this floral print is perfect. 

Fancy Flats that feel like Flip Flops
Once you go Poppy Barley you will never go back, they are a splurge but oh so worth it. I could not love these flats more! They are so, so comfortable that it will feel like you are wearing flip flops, but since flip flops are an absolute no-go at the office you should wear these. Comfy, cute and exceptional much good! 

Cropped Blouse
I've (somewhat) jumped on the cropped shirt trend that's everywhere right now, but nothing too cropped and only with high waists. This blouse has been on constant rotation in my wardrobe for the last few months because it's short enough that it works well with high waisted skirts but is still long enough to wear with jeans without having a bunch of extra fabric to tuck in. 

Ankle Length Dress Pants
I own four pairs of these pants in various shades and patterns...pretty much enough said! I love Express dress pants and these are the best for summer. They have a perfect mid-rise and the fabric has just enough weight to hang nicely without being overly warm. I wear these with flats all the time (I'm a flats person) but they look great (probably even better) with a pair of pointed-toe pumps.


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