Sunday, 21 August 2016

August Loves

Where does the time go!? Usually I try to post my monthly round-up about the 15th but I'm running a little behind this month. I've also been trying to save my pennies after a fairly spendy summer so most of this month's offerings wont cost you too much moula. 

Citi60 Barcelona Guide
I stumbled upon this little book of goodness at The Prints and the Paper, a new addition to Edmonton's 124 Street. That store is a gem and is packed full of all sorts of wonderful things and it the perfect place to find a unique gift for that person who is impossible to shop for. Anyways, as any of you who have been reading the blog know, we are heading off to Barcelona in November and this city guide is packed full of things to see, places to eat at and lots of other must-do things in Barcelona from people who know the city inside and out. Each entry also has a QR code that you can scan with your phone and bring it up on Google maps. There's quite a few guides for other cities too, so if you're planning a trip I think they're worth checking out. 

Superga Sneakers
I've had these sneakers for about a month and I think they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned, that are still cute. I was looking for a pair of shoes I can trek around Barcelona in and these seem to fit the bill perfectly, as long as I don't wear them out between now and then. The link above is to ShoeMe; I've ordered a few pairs from them and have always had good luck, quick shipping, free exchanges and they ALWAYS have coupon codes (I like to wait for 30% off) so it's a good idea to sign up for their emails. 

The Fundamentals of Caring
This is such a great movie! It's a pretty recent addition to Netflix and it was on one of the many movies they recommended to me but it really is fantastic. I hate spoilers so I'm not going to give anything away, just go watch it...I promise you wont regret it. 

I haven't given you guys a podcast recommendation for awhile so here you go. I listened to the first season of Invisibilia right when it came out and really enjoyed it. There was a long break between the first and second season so I kind of forgot about it but I started listing to season 2 and am hooked again. The two (now three) hosts tackle a separate topic each week that deals with the invisible forces that impact us. Really interesting stuff!  

Cafe Bel-Air Popsicles
The best way to beat the heat! These popsicles are made locally in Edmonton and are super tasty. They do change up their flavours regularly but my all-time favourite is the chocolate and sea salt. Keep an eye out for them at Edmonton farmer's markets. 

Kate Somerville EradiKate
If you get the odd pimple (who doesn't!) then you'll want to pick up a little jar of this magic ASAP. It's a little pricier than the zit cream you'll find at the drugstore but it's worth it. Plus, you only need to use the tiniest amount on each pimple so it will last forever. I dab on a little before going to bed and it really does shrink most spots within a couple of days. It also doesn't dry out my skin like other treatments can so you aren't left with flaky skin that's impossible to cover up. 


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