Friday, 26 August 2016

Fall Fashion

There's been a definite fall chill in the air this week and there sure isn't as much daylight as there was just last week. How does fall creep up on us so fast every year? Depressing! The one good thing that comes with the cooler temperatures is sweater, boots, and blanket season. I've already started pulling my sweaters out from their various hiding places (lack of closest space in this old house) and evaluating my fall wardrobe. I've already committed to not buying anymore clothes so I've got to work with what I've got right now. That doesn't mean I can't daydream a little about some new wardrobe additions so I've rounded up a few things I'm crushing on and maybe those of you who haven't put themselves on a spending-hiatus can buy away. 

Aritzia Winston Dress
This is the perfect dress to take you from summer straight through fall and winter it just depends on what you wear with it. Right now it would be adorable all by itself with a cute pair of flats and as it gets colder just throw on a pair of wool tights and boots and you're all set. 

H&M Sweater
I actually own this sweater (bought a few months ago when I was allowed to spend money, no cheaters here!) It's really great and it's from H&M so it's cheap too. It's a really lightweight knit so you wont cook when the heat gets cranked in your office and it has a really nice drape. There's also a bunch of different colours. 

Poppy Barley Ankle Boots
I've had my eye on these booties for awhile and I'm pretty certain they will be the next pair of shoes I buy, eventually. Poppy Barley shoes are fantastic, really good quality and super comfortable. I highly recommend checking them out if you are in the market. 

Simons Mixed Media Coat
I bought a new winter jacket last year that I really love but whenever I see a coat with leather sleeves like this one and I am a fan. I also really like the dark red on this one, I usually wear a lot of neutrals in the winter but this is a nice pop against all the bleakness. 

Belted Shirt Dress
This is another dress that will work for you year round and will also take you out of the black and grey slump you may find yourself in when the weather turns. However, if that's too much out of comfort zone it does also come in black. 

Matt and Nat Handbag
Back to the neutrals. I don't think I've ever owned a gray purse but this has such a classic look and Matt and Nat bags are amazing. I didn't even know you could buy them at Chapters, weird but convenient right? 

Boutique 1861 Dress
How cute is this dress? That subtle little bow and the pleats are adorable but the neutral plaid makes it a perfect work dress. Plus, Boutique 1861 is a Canadian company based in Montreal and it's always good to support Canadian business. They are always the first place I look when I need a dress for a special occasion and it's rare that I don't find something. 

Zara Check Blazer
Who doesn't love a good blazer? It's an easy way to instantly make an outfit look for polished and can be dressed up for work or dressed down with jeans. 

Flannel Plaid Shirt
Because obviously. I practically live in flannel shirts from September to April because they are just so darn comfy and cozy. This one has a nice silhouette (I like the long length) and doesn't look at all frumpy. The perfect staple to pair with these upcoming black skinnies...

Noisy May Extreme Soft Skinny Jeans
I own this exact pair of jeans and have probably worn them more than any other item in my closet. They actually feel like you're wearing sweatpants...seriously! I love how they fit and the 'extreme soft' is no lie, they look like black jeans but the fabric is so soft and stretchy but they are still thick and structured enough to be super flattering. 


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