Wednesday, 3 August 2016

The Busted Summer Budget

Warm weather, festivals, patios, concerts, bbq's and an empty hole in my wallet...sound like anyone else's summer? I'm not sure how many times we've said 'but it's TOO HOT to cook!' this year but it's been more than a couple. 

I swear this happens to me every year around this time but I've yet to learn my lesson, I really need to save up a summer slush fund during the winter when I refuse to leave the house to pay for all the extras in the warmer months. I love being able to get out and explore my city and take advantage of all the great events that happen in the summer (fear of missing out much!) but this takes its toll on my budget. I'm not mad about it though, I'll get back on track in the next couple of months and sure don't regret packing my summer with all the fun. I'm a firm believer that you can have a little fun now and a little fun's not all about saving for the future just make sure there's some balance. 

What am I going to do to get back on track? 

1. Shopping is off-limits: I've been a little too spendy this summer on things I don't really need, especially shoes which is usually not even my weakness. This stops now though! I'm cutting myself off from buying anything new that's not a necessity until we head off to Barcelona in November. That scares me a little but it's now written down so no take-backs. 

2. Sell some crap: this has actually been on my summer to-do list but I've been so busy spending all my money that I haven't taken any time to actually earn some back. I promise it's not actually crap, just stuff that isn't getting used anymore and needs to be listed on Kijiji. Selling stuff you're not using is an easy way to get a little cash on hand. 

3. Eat at home: this isn't going to be a be-all-end-all like with shopping but I'm setting an eating out limit at twice a week for the remainder of summer and then once a week starting in October. I know there's still a few festivals and events we want to make it out to this month and so I'm being reasonable. Unless we're out for something else though, no dinners out. 

4. Save for next summer: I actually really like the idea of a summer slush fund so I'm going to do it. This likely wont happen until we're back from our trip but even an extra $100/month from December to June will give us $700 to spend next year. Sounds like quite a bit of money but looking at how much we've spent this summer it's certainly not out of the ballpark. 

How is everyone else doing with keeping their budget inline this summer? Do you also need to hit the refresh button and get back on track? 


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