Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Fall Bucket List

Hello September and your distinctive chill in the air, yellow leaves and pumpkin everything. It may not be officially Fall for a couple more weeks but the weather has already turned on us here in Edmonton, and the trees in the River Valley are already turning fast. Too soon! I am so not ready to give up summer and get back to the grind. I saw this on Instagram today, and it completely describes my current feeling...

Summer should get a speeding ticket

Every season I make a new bucket list, and I just looked back at what I had for summer, and it was kind of a big fail (only 3 for 6), what the what! We went to a ton of summer festivals, so that was a big win and made a few local day trips but not as many as I would have liked and of course went to The Tragically Hip show. I, however, gave up on running (not my thing), didn't try out those DIY blinds (that's more of a Fall thing anyways right?) and STILL didn't make it to the St.Albert Farmer's Market. I think it's still on for a few more weeks though so maybe I've still got a shot at that one. Time to look forward and make some (hopefully more successful) plans for Fall.

1. Check Out Roger's Place
Edmonton's new downtown arena is pretty much ready to go, and I can't wait to get inside and actually check it out. It looks pretty impressive from the outside, but there is still a lot of construction in the surrounding area so that part is a bit of a mess. From the few images of seen of the inside, it looks fantastic! I've already got a few things lined up, so I'll have ample time to check it out. We're going to the open house on September 11th and then also have tickets to the first Oil Kings game, the first Oilers game and the Carrie Underwood concert. 

2. Enjoy Some Fall Colours
This is a bit of a carry-over from my summer bucket list, but I want to make it back out to my favourite local hiking spot (Cooking Lake / Blackfoot Recreation Area) to get up close with nature, and in all it's colourful Fall glory. As I said above, the River Valley is already starting to turn so we'll have to make time in the next couple of weeks to make it out to the park. 

3. Edmonton International Film Festival
Every year the downtown Landmark Cinemas (aka my all-time favourite theatre) plays host to the Edmonton Film Fest for 10 days in the Fall. It's no TIFF, but it is a qualifying film fest for the Oscar's so you'll be able to seek out some gems that you might not usually get to see. Last year I saw 'Room', and that went on to win an Oscar. The schedule hasn't been released yet but will be out by September 15th at the latest. 

4. Go Watch Stand-Up
I've been watching quite a bit of stand-up on Netflix, but it's not something I actually go and watch live that often...time for a change. I'm already going to see Jerry Seinfeld when he's here in November (birthday present for the bf), but I'd like to go see something at a smaller venue, maybe The Comic Strip or even The River Cree (but so far). You know, smaller but it has to be someone I know of...bad stand-up is the worst. 

5. Fall TV Premieres 
Obviously I love TV, so September and October are kind of like Christmas with all the new premieres starting up. Guilty confession, old school network TV shows are my jam. Sure I can appreciate the greatness of HBO or a Netflix Original Series, but a fun, easy to watch show (I'm looking at you Hawaii 5-0) can capture my heart. This upcoming season I've got my eye on 'This is Us' and 'Lethal Weapon' (likely horrible but could be right up my alley). Kristen Bell is also on a new show called 'The Good Place', but the premise sounds stupid...she dies and goes to heaven but should have gone to hell. 

6. Scare Kids w/ Crazy Halloween Decorations
Our neighbours always go all out at Halloween and turn their house into a nightmare. Trust me, more than once we have had a kid show up on our porch in tears! This year, we're going to jump on the bandwagon and create our own house of terror. We also learnt at our block party that there are quite a few homes in the area that put up some pretty extravagant decorations, so we're also going to do a quick tour and see what everyone has going on. 

7. Art Gallery of Alberta
I've only ever been in our art gallery once, and that was for a special event that the bf's Uncle was involved in. I guess it's that thing that you are just so rarely a tourist in your own city. I like art galleries though, and the AGA is a supposed to be a good one so it's something I'd like to check off my list.

There we have it, let's see if I can do a little better on this bucket list than the last one. Do you guys have any activities you'd like to do this Fall? 


  1. Edmonton Comedy Festival is coming up at the beginning of October.