Thursday, 3 November 2016

10 Long-Haul Flight Essentials

As you guys know I am heading off to Barcelona right away and am busy getting some last minute details organized and finishing off my packing. Today's chore was packing up my carry-on, so I don't forget anything and can have the most comfortable flight possible. I am not the best flier, I find it nearly impossible to fall asleep on a plane (or car, train...pretty much anywhere that isn't my bed or couch), and overnight flights always seem to make me feel queasy and just plain gross. Since that is the situation, I'll be dealing with this time I'm hoping that with a little advance preparation (and maybe a sleep-aid) I'll be knocked right out for the majority of the flight and won't even need any of the entertainment options I'll bring along. 

Here are a few of the things I'm packing up to help get me through the overseas flight... 

1. Travel Pillow
Ok, this pillow looks weird as heck but it is the most highly rated travel pillow on Amazon, so I am giving it a shot. It actually feels pretty comfortable, from the quick trial I did sitting on the couch. It's air-filled, so it folds up tiny and only takes a few deep breaths to inflate. When you're on the plane, there's a drawstring that attaches to your headrest and also a strap that attaches to your seatbelt, so the pillow stays in place. I'm hoping all the good reviews are correct and this actually gets me some sleep. 

2. Facial Mist
You know that gross, grimy, dried out feeling you get from being on a plane? A facial mist is an easy and refreshing way to make yourself feel more human when you land. I got this one from E.L.F. as a free add-on last month and I actually quite like it. This isn't the kind of product I want to fork over much money for but you can pick this one up for only $3 (or free!) making it an affordable luxury. 

3. Chapstick
Your skin always falls victim to the dry air on planes, and my lips are always the first thing that bug me. Having an extra moisturizing chapstick on hand is essential, and this Vaseline lip therapy is my go to (I've raved about it on here before). I especially like this rosy lips version because it gives a hint of colour while also soothing dry lips (it also smells delish) so you look slightly more put together after climbing off a red-eye flight. Because it's basically Vaseline, you can also use it to as a hand cream in a pinch. 

4. Travel Size Deodorant
No explanation necessary, long flights can leave you a little funky, and since you won't be able to shower until you're at your hotel, it's a good idea to touch-up your deodorant before you land. 

5. Good Book 

I'm a reader, and you'll usually find me powering through a book if I'm stuck on a plane. I'm already behind on my reading goal for 2016, so I'm hoping to play catch up on these long flights. I'm really looking forward to reading Emma Donaghue's new book The Wonder. Her previous book (Room) is one of my favourite books ever, so I have high hopes for the follow-up. 

6. Cozy Scarf
More often than not planes are freezing, and there never seem to be enough airline blankets to go around so I always make sure I have a warm scarf with me that can double as a blanket. This Vinyasa Scarf from Lululemon is a little pricey but the fabric is so soft and cozy, and you can wear it a bunch of different ways.

7. Yummy Snack
Plane food is the worst, but if you are on a long flight you don't always have many options, so it helps to bring your own snack. Trail mix is easy to carry-on and packed with protein to it will help sustain you. We picked up this one from Superstore for a hike earlier this year, and it is a real winner. I love chocolate and coconut (who doesn't?) so having those added to the usual nut/seed mix is a nice change and makes it a sweet and savoury treat. And if surviving long-haul flight doesn't mean you deserve a treat then I don't know what does!

8. Eye Mask
I am prone to distraction (people watching) whenever I'm in public which is a big reason I have such trouble sleeping on planes. Being able to block all of that out and focus just on sleeping will hopefully be the cure for getting some shut eye this time. This one from Chapters is cute too, so that doesn't hurt. 

9. Headphones 

Lots of people recommend noise-cancelling headphones for flying but I don't like using them in everyday life (not being able to hear any background noise freaks me out) so I'm not willing to spend the extra money just for traveling. I've had Bose ear buds for a few years and would never go back to the cheap ones that come with your phone. Even after wearing them for hours my ears never hurt, they stay put even during exercise and the sound quality is excellent. If you're looking for new headphones, I recommend adding these to your Christmas list. The link above is for the Android / Samsung version, but if you're an Apple user, you'll want to grab these ones. 

10. Warm Socks
My feet are always freezing on planes, and no one wants to have to walk barefoot through airport security, so socks are essential. These ones are nice and cozy but not so fluffy that they won't fit in your shoes. Two thumbs up.


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