10 Reasons Why I’m a Proud Canadian

Why I'm Proud to Be a Canadian

If you haven’t heard, it’s Canada’s 150th birthday today! Us Canadians aren’t known for our bragging skills, but I thought I would take a quick minute to put out a non-money related bonus post and do just that.

1. It’s pretty damn gorgeous up here. Between the Rocky Mountains, the never-ending prairies, the small fishing villages, and the good side of Niagra Falls, Canada has pretty much everything you could want when it comes to geography. And the weather really isn’t that bad! Sure our winters are cold, but we’re a tough bunch, and that just makes us appreciate our summers even more.

Why I'm Proud to Be a Canadian

2. Our healthcare system isn’t perfect, but I can get hit by a car and not worry about going bankrupt. You won’t find anyone getting turned away at the hospital because they aren’t covered by insurance.

3. It’s really not even a contest…

4. And again, no contest…(Connor might cost us an arm and a leg, but he’s worth it)

Image Credit: cbc.ca

5. You can thank us for creating the Hawaiian pizza, because pineapple definitely belongs on pizza.

6. We get to experience that moment when travelling abroad and someone realizes you are from Canada and not the US.

7. You may make fun of the fact that our money looks like it came from a Monopoly game and that it’s plastic, but you’ll never feel the disappointment of pulling out a $20 bill and realizing it’s only a fiver. Plus, that plastic money is almost indestructible (just don’t put it in the dryer).

Why I'm Proud to Be a Canadian

8. If you have a baby, you can take time off work AND still get paid. The Canadian government recently just increased the amount of parental leave you can take up to 18 months (moms or dads). There is a caveat to this, you don’t actually get more money. Instead, your benefit will be split up over a longer period. Your options are to get a 55% benefit for 12 months or a 33% benefit for 18 months. Still, it gives you the flexibility to take more time and still have a job waiting for you.

9. Santa Claus? He lives here…and if you send him your Christmas list, he’ll even write you back.

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

10. You will always hear us singing along when the Canadian national anthem is playing, but sometimes we even surprise ourselves and pull off a pretty incredible version of the US anthem. A little backstory on this one for those who haven’t seen the clip. This happened in Edmonton during the playoffs just this year. Brett Kissel had been performing the US anthem every time, but on this night the mic in the arena failed (the sound was working on TV which is why you can hear it on the video a bit). The crowd stepped up in a big way and turned what could have been an embarrassing moment into an unforgettable one. Sidenote, I love that Kesler’s ‘Godammit Edmonton’ face is the screenshot that shows up.

Now that I’m done with that and feeling all patriotic, I’m going to grab a beer and a bag of ketchup chips and celebrate this fine country. Not actually though…ketchup chips are the worst (please don’t revoke my Canadian citizenship)! I do not get the fuss, they are gross and not something to be proud of. All Dressed chips on the other hand? Those are my jam. Happy Canada Day everyone!

Why I'm a Proud Canadian

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