Blogger Round-Up: Who’s On My Reading List

Expand Your Reading List with Ten Of My Favourite Personal Finance Bloggers

As you read this, I will be exploring all that Yellowstone National Park has to offer. The bf and I headed out on a road trip this past weekend and headed South into the states to check out a few points in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho for the first time. If you’d like to follow along on the adventure, then hit up my Instagram where I’ll be sharing a few pictures and stories. While I’m away, I wanted to point you in the direction of a few of my favourite personal finance bloggers so you can still […]

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Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

What Canadians need to know about CMHC and their mortgages.

If you own or are planning to buy a home in Canada you have likely heard of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). They are a crown corporation that is assigned the task of maintaining Canada’s housing market on behalf of the federal government. It has been around since 1946 and was initially created to help house veterans returning from WWII. While the creation and maintenance of affordable housing are still one of the mandates of CMHC, they have also branched out into insuring mortgages and developing policy. The reason we’re talking about CMHC today is […]

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Investment Principles for the Uninterested Investor

Know you need to start investing but just not that interested? Check out my 8 investment principles for beginners!

Sometimes I wonder how it’s possible I ended up blogging about personal finance. There is so much of it I find incredibly boring! I don’t like math, I like the results of investing but the process is a drag, and I would way rather spend money now than save it for later. Stick with me though…I don’t think it’s a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s relatable. I might be in the minority when it comes to personal finance bloggers, but outside of our community, there are a lot of people who lack an interest in […]

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Cruelty-Free Beauty Products That Won’t Break the Bank

Looking for affordable cruelty free makeup? Here are five brands that are animal friendly, high quality and good bang for your buck.

I enjoy all things beauty. I like to experiment with make-up, wear nice clothes, indulge in skincare, and nurse my hair through frequent colouring and heat styling. The problem? It can sometimes be a challenge finding products that not only work but also fit into my budget and align with my morals. That’s right; we’re talking about beauty and morals. My inner animal lover is coming out full force today. I don’t abstain from animal products; I still eat meat and wear leather, but I don’t agree with animal testing. I’m a human, and I want the […]

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4 Ways Clutter is Costing You (And How to Tackle It)

Reducing clutter is key to simplifying your life. Find out what it is costing you and how you can eliminate it for good.

Today I’ve got a fantastic guest post for you from Britt over at Tiny Ambitions. Britt is a minimalist, a simple living advocate and a tiny house enthusiast. So pretty much everything I’m not, which is why I’m so thrilled to have her input on the blog this week. Minimalism is something I’ve always been interested in but have never had much success pursuing. As much as I want to simplify life, I still like stuff. You might not be onboard with full-blown minimalism but there are factors that will be helpful for everyone, and reducing clutter is definitely […]

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It’s Ok, Your Highest Earning Years Are Still To Come

There’s no quick win when it comes to getting rich. And don’t even come at me with that ‘but you could win the lottery’ BS! It takes time to pay off debt, create good budgeting habits, and build your investment portfolio. That’s just life, but it doesn’t exactly encourage good behaviour. Spending money gives you instant gratification. You see people around you doing things you want to be doing (hello imposter syndrome!), and it’s hard to feel like you’re missing out. Saving money doesn’t give you that same instant boost. Sure, it will be great when you’re […]

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How to Survive Wedding Season On A Budget

Survive wedding season without blowing your budget by choosing one of these 8 budget friendly wedding gifts.

With the arrival of May comes the arrival of wedding season. And that means money; lots and lots of money. Sure weddings are expensive to host (the average cost of a Canadian wedding is $30k), we all know that, but they are also expensive for guests to attend. It’s estimated that millennials will spend an average of $628 for each wedding they attend. That sounds completely crazy to me! That number does include wedding-related events. It’s becoming more and more common to hold stags and stagettes in other destinations so that sways the average. Now it seems […]

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You’re An Estate Executor, Now What?

Where do you start if you've been named the executor of any estate?

This post has been a struggle for me to finish. It’s been sitting in my drafts for awhile now getting edited and added to now and again. Usually, that happens when a post is personal, but this one’s not. Instead, I’m talking about death, and that’s never an easy subject to tackle. We’re going for it today though because it’s important. And if you find yourself assigned executor duties for a loved one’s estate, then I really hope it will be helpful. First of all, I’m sorry. If you are in this role, then it’s because someone close […]

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Why I Don’t Consider Myself Frugal

Frugal living is not for everyone. How I embrace my spendy-ness and still make my money work.

Frugal living is a trendy topic, especially if you linger around the personal finance community for any length of time. It’s promoted, judged, and debated on almost a daily basis. In the Rockstar Finance Directory alone there are almost 100 personal finance bloggers who categorize themselves primarily as ‘frugality’ bloggers. This list includes blogs like Frugalwoods, How to Save Money and Keep Thrifty. That list does not include me. As many of you who follow the blog will know, I’m a spender. I like doing things, buying things, eating things, and drinking things. And that’s ok. There’s […]

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20 Quick Dinners For People Who Hate Cooking

One of the best ways to lower your budget is by meal planning. But what about the days you don't want to cook?

My mom used to tell me never to use the word hate; “you don’t hate it Sarah, you just dislike it.” Thanks for the advice mom, but no. I’m allowed to hate things. And you guys know that I hate cooking. I’m terrible at it and the only part I enjoy is the eating. But you know what? It’s necessary. My bf does almost all the cooking in our house but there are those odd nights when he’s stuck at work, and I need to get something on the table before I spiral into a hanger tantrum. […]

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