20 Tips To Make Moving Less Terrible

Planning a move? Check out these 20 moving tips that will make the process that much easier!

Moving is pretty much the worst. If you don’t believe me, it’s because you haven’t moved recently enough to remember how crappy it is. The endless packing (and unpacking), the overwhelming stress, the exhaustion, and the endless amounts of junk food. Not good times. I’m fresh off a big move and wanted to share a few of the moving tips I picked up along the way, and things I would do better next time. But hopefully there isn’t a next time for many years. Before the Move Purge, Purge and Purge Some More This is key. The […]

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How & Why I Became A Bike Convert

Biking saves money! Last year we sold our second vehicle and invested in new bikes. Find out how much we've saved in just one year.

I climbed on a bike just over two years ago for the first time since I was a kid. And you know what? It’s just like riding a bike 😉 Bad joke. But really, biking is super fun. I bought a cheap bike on sale at Canadian Tire and the bf, and I (he had an old bike) went on lots of leisurely bike rides. That was it though. We didn’t use our bikes as a form of transportation. They were strictly for fun. Why? Well, we live close to downtown, and my confidence level was basically […]

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5 Money Mistakes I Refuse to Quit

Personal finance is personal, and might mean so-called money mistakes aren't bad for you.

Before we get started, can we just talk about how perfect this stock photo is. Nothing says no regrets more than a woman double fisting rose. Thanks Unsplash for coming through big time on this one!  Last week I shared with you five money mistakes I’ve made in the past, and am trying not to repeat. This week I’m continuing the trend. This round, I’m highlighting five things I continue to spend on that other people may consider faux-pas. One of the best parts of personal finance is the fact that it’s personal. At the end of […]

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5 Money Mistakes I’ve Made

We all have regrets when it comes to money. Here are 5 common money mistakes I've made, so hopefully you can avoid making them too.

Money regret is something we all deal with. We’ve all made money mistakes that look pretty foolish in hindsight but it’s all part of the personal finance experience. I’ve made my fair share of bad decisions and I wanted to talk about a few of them today. I think talking about our mistakes brings more openness (and less awkwardness) to the money conversation, and can be a learning experience for those starting out. The thing with money mistakes is they are personal. Everyone has different opinions on what’s important and worthy of their hard earned dollars. Some […]

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How To Fund Your Fun

Find out how #budgeting can provide you with fun money and eliminate guilt free spending.

When you think of budgeting, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? I’m going to guess it’s not freedom or fun, or pretty much anything positive. Am I right? Instead, you’re probably thinking it’s a hassle, it’s complicated, or that you’ll be depriving yourself of good times. Well, I’m here to defend budgeting. It doesn’t have to be like that. I won’t go so far as to say that budgeting can be fun (I kinda have a thing for spreadsheets but I know that’s not the norm), but it can fund your fun. What does that […]

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5 Inspiring Women in Finance

Check out these 5 inspiring women in finance who are promoting gender equality in the finance industry.

Big shocker, the financial industry is male-dominated. I know, I know, you’re all less than surprised. It’s no big secret. The old boys club stereotype continues to exist because it’s true. There just aren’t enough women in finance. And this is a problem because it makes the entire industry feel out of touch band unrelatable to younger females are just starting to think about investing. According to recent data, only 15% of executive-level employees and 26% of senior managers are female. That’s a huge disparity. There is some evidence that things are improving, but there is still […]

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Making The Case For Pet Insurance

My experience with pet insurance and how it is helping us save our dog.

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me post lately about how my poor pup is going through some health issues right now. It sucks. Watching them suffer is by far the worst part of being a pet parent. It’s also one of the biggest challenges as a pet owner because medical issues are expensive. Everyday pet expenses can add up, but they’re consistent and easier to plan for. Medical problems can pop up out of nowhere and throw your budget for a loop. I’m all for being a responsible and educated pet […]

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30 Instant Pot Recipes To Get You Through September

An entire month of instant pot recipes to up your #mealplanning game!

There’s a distinct chill in the mornings when I go to work now, and that means fall is just around the corner. I always like September. It feels like a reset month, even more than January. I find myself ditching the spur of the moment activities that the summer brings and settle into a more regular schedule. More than anything this means getting back on track with meal planning and eating at home. Not things I have much motivation to follow strictly during the summer. Meal planning is such a difference maker when it comes to saving […]

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Save Money With These 8 DIY Home Decor Ideas

Trying to decorate your home on a budget? These 8 DIY decorations will not only give your house a makeover, they’ll save you cash at the same time!

This week I’m turning over the writing reins to a guest publisher. Angela from Zumper has an excellent post for you that is packed with fun projects you can tackle to update your home and make it a little more you. This topic is near and dear to me right now as we’re moving to a slightly bigger place and we’ll have plenty of wall space to fill up on the cheap!  PS. I also have a guest post over on Zumper on how to reduce pet expenses, so head over there and check that one out […]

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What Are You Willing To Do For Money?

Is your side hustle killing your work life balance? It's ok to not do it all.

Do you ever feel like you’re slacking off? That you should be working harder to earn more money? I bet most of you are nodding your heads right now; I know I sure am. Striking that balance between work, hustling, and living your life is a constant struggle. I always have a list running through my brain of things I want to accomplish, and it never seems to get any shorter. What’s up with that? Earning extra money is great, super great, but not if it’s coming at the expense of your well being. The Blog Slog […]

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