13 Freebies that are Actually Useful

Round-up of 13 freebies that won't waste your time.

There are tons of offers out there buzzing around the internet for free samples, cash for doing surveys, and various other freebies that end up being a big waste of time. I’m sure a lot of you are just like me and don’t want to spend hours answering stupid survey questions just to potentially get a few dollars (or cents) or have to stalk all sorts of websites begging for free samples. If that’s your thing, have at ‘er, but I need things to be a little more streamlined. Because of that I’ve rounded up a few […]

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Credit Card Perks: Travel Insurance

Credit Card Travel Insurance

If you’re a frequent jet-setter you likely already have a credit card that pays you back in travel rewards, that’s fairly common knowledge in this day and age. What you might not know however is that many of those very same travel rewards cards also give you insurance coverage for lots of the not so great things that can happen when you’re on vacation. You know when you’re booking a trip and you have to click through the part about accepting or rejecting medical insurance, trip cancellation insurance, car rental insurance, etc. All those things can cost […]

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Splurge-worthy Beauty Buys

Beauty products that are worth the price

Last week I talked about my favourite bargain beauty finds but today we’re switching gears and taking a peek at the products I’m willing to fork over the big bucks for. You’ll notice a bit of a trend here; most of the products I’m willing to splurge on go directly on my skin. I’m prone to the odd breakout and have somewhat fussy combination skin and do notice a difference when using cheap vs. higher quality products when it comes to skincare. I apparently also have a thing for products that come in turquoise packing…which I only […]

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Stop Passing Up FREE Money

Make sure you take full advantage of your employee benefits plan.

Who doesn’t love free money? No one right? Then why are there so many people who are passing up free money? Crazy right! If there is one thing that drives the personal finance geek in me crazy, it’s when people lose out on benefits because of laziness. Now I’m not talking about paying a delivery fee to have your groceries arrive on your doorstep. I’m talking about the people who are missing out on employee benefits. If that’s you, my wrath is coming for you! And trust me, it happens ALL the time. It might even be […]

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The Busted Summer Budget

Keep your summer on budget in check.

I love summer, like so much, and this one has been no exception. It feels like every weekend has been jam-packed with activities. Edmonton isn’t called ‘Festival City’ for nothing! It’s one of the things I really love about the city. There are constantly events happening, and I have a hard time saying no to fun in the sun. Here are a few highlights from our summer, thus far: The Tragically Hip concert…such a great show and so many feelings. All the festivals…Street Performers, K-Days, Taste of Edmonton are always favourites. Football and baseball games…there’s not much […]

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Beauty on the Cheap

The best drugstore beauty products

Just because you have a bit of a make-up obsession doesn’t mean you have to spend all your money on it. There are a ton of great options you can find at your local drugstore that will give you great results without the high price tag. Here are a few of my favourites: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara This is kind of a cult classic among beauty bloggers and for good reason. There’s none of that fancy new mascara technology here, no weird rubber wands or extravagant promises just a classic formula that actually works. Goes on nice […]

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