Do you really have to LOVE your job?

Should you settle when it comes to your career or chase a dream job?

How many times have you heard the old cliche ‘love what you do’? I’m guessing too many times. I actually hate that saying! It feels like one of those unattainable ideals that we’re supposed to live up to; like having a supermodel body, having a perfect relationship or never getting a zit. What if you just like your job? You don’t hate it, but if you won the lottery tomorrow you’d be handing in your notice lightning fast and packing up to travel the world or do whatever it is you ACTUALLY really love. If you all […]

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Annual Credit Check Time

How many of you check your credit score every year? I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who are just like me and really, truly mean to check it every annually but sometimes it just gets pushed off again and again. Well, NOT THIS YEAR! Here is your gentle reminder to go, right now, and make sure no surprises are lurking in the deep, dark world of credit reporting. But, why? I know, it sounds like a hassle but it really is for your own good. Sometimes mistakes happen, and there might be an […]

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2017 Financial Resolutions that are Worth Making

Financial resolutions that will get you on track.

You know how many times I had to re-type 2017 so it didn’t say 2016…3 times! How embarrassing!!! Technically I’m still writing this in 2016 though so I’ll use that as my excuse, plus it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m mildly doped up on cold medication. I know, super thrilling plans for this girl! I’ve never been a huge fan of New Year’s Eve anyways, so it wasn’t a huge loss; there’s always so much hype but it just ends up being too busy and too expensive and just a let down at the end of the […]

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