What You Need to Know About RRSP’s

The Ins and Outs of Using an RRSP

RRSP’s become a popular topic in February as the annual deadline approaches. With all the hype I thought it would be the perfect time to check-in and go through the ins and out of retirement savings plans and figure out if it’s worth making a contribution. Everybody knows that RRSP’s are for retirement, but it’s important to understand their advantages and disadvantages before you dump all your savings into one. There are times in your life when contributing to an RRSP is the right answer, but other times when you should look for another option. Let’s get […]

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Reading Books or Listening to Audiobooks?

I’m a reader, I love curling up with a great book and have ever since I was a child. It’s one of my favourite ways to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, and my vision of reading has always been cracking open a new novel and diving in. Because of this, I was a late convert to the e-book craze and actual books are still my preference. I did get a Kobo as a gift a couple of years ago and like it, but mostly for travel…no more hauling heavy books along in my suitcase is a lifesaver! […]

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Meal Planning for the Budgeting Win

Everyone knows that eating out is expensive and a few extra restaurant meals can really blow your monthly budget. This is something we struggle with in this house ALL the time. I like going out to eat, trying new restaurants and having someone else cook for me…kind of the best right? But do I like it more than being able to pay all my bills and hit all my savings goals at the end of the month? Nope…well, almost always nope. Sometimes a new fried chicken place opens just down the street, and you overindulge a little, […]

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Investing: Fake it ’til you Make it

Interested about investing but scared to lose money or or don't have any saved up? Try a practice run!

Investing can be terrifying…seriously! And investing for beginners even more so. I’ve been working in finance for a while, and the actual picking and choosing of investments has never been (and likely will never be) my thing. Need to know the ins and outs of RRSP’s, TFSA’s, pensions, whatever….I’m your girl. But want to chat analyst reports and company fundamentals, and you can keep on walking past my office door. Here comes the but though….investing is important, and if you really want to hit your long-term saving goals then you better go and make it your bff […]

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