Financial Education & Money Lessons from my Parents

Money Lessons from my Parents

I get so frustrated talking to people who don’t know basic things about handling their finances. Now don’t get all defensive if you feel like you are in this situation because I’m not mad at you! What I hate is that we don’t give people the tools to handle money when they are young. Really, what could be more important than ensuring children and young adults know that going into debt is bad and that starting to save early is essential? Apparently learning advanced algebra and who fought who in WWII are higher priorities. Just last week […]

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So, you Got a Tax Refund…

What to do with your Tax Refund

We’re right in the swing of tax season, and I’m sure many of you who are expecting a hefty refund have already submitted your taxes there’s likely a bunch of us there who owe money and are holding off to the last possible second. If you are still holding out, you still have a bit of time. The deadline for Canadians to have their personal taxes filed is April 30th.  I know when I was still a student and had all those education credits in my pocket I was getting things sent in as soon as my […]

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7 Steps to a Better Resume

Tips to crafting a resume that will get you noticed.

If you are currently on the job hunt in Alberta, you are likely VERY aware that the job market is tight and there is a lot of competition for jobs. Recent reports have our unemployment rate hovering around 8.3%. This is down slightly compared to late 2016 when it peaked (hopefully!) around 9% but still very high when compared to two years ago when it sat at 4.6%. From Friday’s jobs report, here’s Canada’s latest unemployment rates by province. #cdnecon — Trevor Tombe (@trevortombe) March 13, 2017 I’ve been lucky to have had stable employment since […]

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Healthy Amount of Stress

I was recently listening to the audiobook version of ‘#Girlboss‘ (worst title ever) by Sophie Amoruso, and there was a section in the book that talked about stress that stuck with me. The rest of the book was just ok. I liked Sophie’s no-nonsense attitude, but listened to it as an audiobook and found the narrator to be a bit annoying. It was also the very first audiobook I’ve every listened to (I talk about that here), so maybe my lack experience was a factor. Is that a thing…do your audiobook listening skills improve with practice? The quote […]

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The Fear of Missing Out

What is #FOMO and how can you conquer it?

Have you ever felt pressured into spending money just because you didn’t want to miss out on an experience? I’m going to guess that almost everyone answered with a resounding yes and I am right there with you. Here’s an example… Garth Brooks did a nine-concert stand here in Edmonton and it was all everyone could talk about for awhile. Am I a Garth Brooks fan, nope? Did I almost convince myself I should buy tickets to the show just because EVERYONE else was going? Absolutely! But I was talked off the Ticketmaster ledge by my more […]

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