Buying Glasses Online ( Review)

My eyes aren’t horrible, but my long-distance vision is bad enough that I need to wear glasses. What does that make me, near sighted or far sighted? I can never remember which is which! I’ve worn glasses for about 15 years and only started wearing contacts a couple of years ago, and even then I still wear glasses more often than not.

If you’ve ever had to shop for glasses you’ll know that buying them from your optometrist’s office can be CRAZY expensive…my first pair of glasses were almost $400, and that was 15 years ago! That’s a ton of money and if you don’t have health benefits that cover glasses…yikes. Even if you do have coverage, it often isn’t even enough to get the pair of frames you want. My coverage is only $200 every two years, and this runs out quick when I’m also claiming for contacts.

That high price left me looking for a cheaper option, and that’s where came in. I’ve been ordering glasses (and more recently contacts) from their site for years and am a fan. I like having a couple of different frames so I can change things up every so often and by ordering online, I can do this without completely breaking the bank. Over my years of ordering from them I’ve found the ordering process simple, delivery very fast, quality is good and returns are super easy.

Now, one thing to note is that Clearly recently rebranded and made a bunch of changes to their website that I’m not exactly loving. They removed some of their advanced search options; there used to be an option to only search frames with nose pads (essential for me…I have a weird nose or something) but that’s gone. I also returned my last order because I found the lenses had a lot more glare than normal. I’ve always used their standard (free) lenses with no issues, but they just didn’t cut it this time. I did receive a new pair with the anti-glare coating, and they are significantly better so I would suggest forking over the extra $30 for that.

Probably my favourite thing about Clearly is their return policy. You can return your glasses up to 365 days after your purchase (in unworn condition of course), and they will cover the cost of shipping. The process is super easy (I’ve done it a few times), you just call in, and they’ll email you a return shipping label to print and then just attach that to the box and pop it in a mailbox. I’ve never been hassled on the phone about a return either, the customer service reps are great. Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to know if the frames you’ve picked out will suit you, so the simple return process means you’ll never be stuck with a pair of glasses you don’t love.

The ordering process is also pretty straightforward. First off you’ll need your prescription so if you didn’t get a copy the last time you were at the optometrist you should be able to just call them up and have them send it to you. You’ll be able to input it straight into the Clearly website and store it for future use. Then shop away, there is a huge selection and lots of different styles to choose from so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a pair (or three) that you like. Prices do vary so keep an eye on that as some frames start as low as $60 and others as high as $400+. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $100 on frames and they’ve never felt cheap. Once your frames are picked out you’ll be given options for the type of lenses you want, I always go with the standard but would recommend getting the anti-glare coating…I did find it made a difference on my most recent pair. If your prescription is quite strong, there are also options to have the lenses thinned, but that’s not something I’ve had to deal with. Then submit your order, and they’ll show up on your doorstep in just a couple of days (shipping is really quick).

If you wear glasses and are in need of an upgrade I highly recommend giving a shot, with the low prices and free returns you really can’t go wrong. Right now you can use the coupon code FRAMES20 for 20% off your purchase.

Here are a few frames that are currently available that I really like:

These are the ones I just got, they’re great.


A nice basic frame…


If only these had nose pads…


Black, but not basic…

**Disclaimer: Clearly did provide me with a free pair of glasses after my last return, but the opinions in this post are my own and I’ve been a longtime customer.

Saving money on glasses and contacts by purchasing online.

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  1. I bought mine online for the first time a couple years ago! I found them flimsy but good enough for the price. This time around, I got a frame in Japan for dirt cheap, and then got the lenses put in at my local optometrist. (There's also a website here now where you can send in your frame, they do the lenses and send them back to you – I thought about trying it but then I broke my glasses and needed to get lenses put into my new frame ASAP.)

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