Finding My People (Cents Positive Takeaways)

What I learned from the Cents Positive Retreat and why I think you should attend a future event.

This past weekend I did something I’ve never done before. I hopped on a plane to Denver for the specific purpose of meeting a whole bunch of internet friends in real life. To some of you that might sound weird, crazy even, but for me, it was a way to build a stronger connection with a community I’ve grown to love. The excuse for making the trip? The very first Cents Positive retreat. An event with the purpose of bringing together women who are on a path towards financial independence. Before I go any further, I want […]

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Where Did All My Motivation Go?

How I'm fighting back against lack of motivation by focusing on small goals.

Do you ever have those days, weeks, months when you just can’t seem to get ahead? That’s me right now. October has been a bit of a doozy. Moving has thrown me for a loop, and I’m struggling to keep up with everything I wanted to get accomplished this month. It’s also been a busy month with a few Oilers games, concerts, house projects, and an upcoming trip to Denver. It’s a lot of fun stuff, but when the calendar is that full (even with fun stuff), it can all feel a little overwhelming. The problem with […]

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Where My Middletons At?

Are you a middle-income earner?  Do you consider yourself middle class?  What the heck even classifies as middle class anymore?  As humans, we tend to define ourselves and create niches where we feel we belong. And how much money we earn is absolutely one of the factors we look to when trying to figure out where we fit in. The problem? The definitions of lower, middle and upper class vary…a lot. It depends on where you live, who your parents are, and the work you do. How do I define middle-income? The median household income in Canada […]

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How & Why I Became A Bike Convert

Biking saves money! Last year we sold our second vehicle and invested in new bikes. Find out how much we've saved in just one year.

I climbed on a bike just over two years ago for the first time since I was a kid. And you know what? It’s just like riding a bike 😉 Bad joke. But really, biking is super fun. I bought a cheap bike on sale at Canadian Tire and the bf, and I (he had an old bike) went on lots of leisurely bike rides. That was it though. We didn’t use our bikes as a form of transportation. They were strictly for fun. Why? Well, we live close to downtown, and my confidence level was basically […]

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Making The Case For Pet Insurance

My experience with pet insurance and how it is helping us save our dog.

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me post lately about how my poor pup is going through some health issues right now. It sucks. Watching them suffer is by far the worst part of being a pet parent. It’s also one of the biggest challenges as a pet owner because medical issues are expensive. Everyday pet expenses can add up, but they’re consistent and easier to plan for. Medical problems can pop up out of nowhere and throw your budget for a loop. I’m all for being a responsible and educated pet […]

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Blogger Round-Up: Who’s On My Reading List

Expand Your Reading List with Ten Of My Favourite Personal Finance Bloggers

As you read this, I will be exploring all that Yellowstone National Park has to offer. The bf and I headed out on a road trip this past weekend and headed South into the states to check out a few points in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho for the first time. If you’d like to follow along on the adventure, then hit up my Instagram where I’ll be sharing a few pictures and stories. While I’m away, I wanted to point you in the direction of a few of my favourite personal finance bloggers so you can still […]

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It’s Ok, Your Highest Earning Years Are Still To Come

Stop letting imposter syndrome control your life!

There’s no quick win when it comes to getting rich. And don’t even come at me with that ‘but you could win the lottery’ BS! It takes time to pay off debt, create good budgeting habits, and build your investment portfolio. That’s just life, but it doesn’t exactly encourage good behaviour. Spending money gives you instant gratification. You see people around you doing things you want to be doing (hello imposter syndrome!), and it’s hard to feel like you’re missing out. Saving money doesn’t give you that same instant boost. Sure, it will be great when you’re […]

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Why I Don’t Consider Myself Frugal

Frugal living is not for everyone. How I embrace my spendy-ness and still make my money work.

Frugal living is a trendy topic, especially if you linger around the personal finance community for any length of time. It’s promoted, judged, and debated on almost a daily basis. In the Rockstar Finance Directory alone there are almost 100 personal finance bloggers who categorize themselves primarily as ‘frugality’ bloggers. This list includes blogs like Frugalwoods, How to Save Money and Keep Thrifty. That list does not include me. As many of you who follow the blog will know, I’m a spender. I like doing things, buying things, eating things, and drinking things. And that’s ok. There’s […]

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30 Goals For Your 30s

30 Goals to Make Your 30s The Best Decade Yet

Last month I celebrated my 32nd birthday. I’m not a big birthday person. My usual celebration is dinner at an upscale restaurant with the boyfriend and my folks and then a girls night with a few glasses of bubbly. Birthdays do get me thinking about where I’m at and if I’m happy. Reflecting on the good and the bad from the past year helps make sure I’m on the right track with my finances, my career and my personal life and set goals for the upcoming year. And because I’m a blogger, I figured hey, why not write […]

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Ladies, STOP Trying to Do It All!

How to fight back against the #investinggap for #internationalwomensday #womenrockmoney

Today is International Women’s Day, and to celebrate I’m joining the #WomenRockMoney movement. The mission? Get more women involved in money and work towards equality. My contribution? I want to let all you ladies off the hook and motivate you to close the investing gap. For more inspiring posts head over to the WomenRockMoney headquarters, and get involved by sharing your money wins using the #WomenRockMoney hashtag. There’s this mentality that women need to be kind, nurturing, and accommodating, while also running the world from the backseat. This piles on the pressure and makes us feel like […]

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