5 Inspiring Women in Finance

Check out these 5 inspiring women in finance who are promoting gender equality in the finance industry.

Big shocker, the financial industry is male-dominated. I know, I know, you’re all less than surprised. It’s no big secret. The old boys club stereotype continues to exist because it’s true. There just aren’t enough women in finance. And this is a problem because it makes the entire industry feel out of touch band unrelatable to younger females are just starting to think about investing. According to recent data, only 15% of executive-level employees and 26% of senior managers are female. That’s a huge disparity. There is some evidence that things are improving, but there is still […]

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What Are You Willing To Do For Money?

Is your side hustle killing your work life balance? It's ok to not do it all.

Do you ever feel like you’re slacking off? That you should be working harder to earn more money? I bet most of you are nodding your heads right now; I know I sure am. Striking that balance between work, hustling, and living your life is a constant struggle. I always have a list running through my brain of things I want to accomplish, and it never seems to get any shorter. What’s up with that? Earning extra money is great, super great, but not if it’s coming at the expense of your well being. The Blog Slog […]

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Careers Aren’t What They Used To Be

How #career paths are changing, and what that means for #millennials

Put your hand up if one, or even both, of your parents worked the same job for as long as you can remember? My hand is up. My Dad worked as an engineer with the same company for 30 years. It was the first job he took when he emigrated to Canada in the 80’s, and stayed until he retired. My mom initially took a job as a physiotherapist at the local hospital when arriving in Canada, and then switched into private practice where she stayed for the next two decades. That was pretty typical of the baby […]

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Why I Don’t Regret My ‘Useless’ Degree

Is university useless? If you’re considering attending post-secondary then you’ve likely asked yourself this very question. And you’ve probably gone back and forth between yes and no. There are a growing number of career paths you can choose that don’t place the same value on a university degree as others did in the past. This means the answer is very specific to what you want to do with your life, and with the growing cost of education, that’s an important thing to figure out before forking over the big bucks. After graduating from high school, I did […]

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Taking the Hassle Out of Editing

Today’s post is sponsored by Grammarly, but I promise that all opinions are my own. I’ve been a paying customer with Grammarly since March and am only promoting it because I really do think it’s great. Check my disclaimer for more information on sponsored posts. I am always looking for ways to save me time, especially when it comes to blogging. Any fellow bloggers out there will understand that writing posts is the easy part, it’s all the other stuff that takes up your time! The staying on top of social media (I’m looking at you Pinterest […]

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No, I Won’t Do 61% of the Housework because I’m a Girl

The gender gap at work and at home.

This one is for all the couples out there. I’m intrigued by where you guys and gals sit on the gender division of labour? You know, who brings home the most money and who takes on the bulk of the household chores? Are you even splitters (high five!) or does one person take on the bulk of the work? I was recently reading (listening – that always feels weird for me to say when talking about books), Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and she talks a lot about the importance of having a partner who pitches in. I […]

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Working 9 to 5 is Old News

Millennials want work/life balance

How many of you work a standard 9 to 5 job? And of those who answered yes, how many wish that weren’t the case? I’m guessing there are a lot of hands up to the second question, and I am right there with you. Improvements in technology over the last couple of decades have made it possible for you to keep up with your work and not be tied to an office. As an example, I’m currently sitting on my deck, in the sun, on a Monday while writing this post (thank you laptop, WiFi, and flexible […]

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7 Steps to a Better Resume

Tips to crafting a resume that will get you noticed.

If you are currently on the job hunt in Alberta, you are likely VERY aware that the job market is tight and there is a lot of competition for jobs. Recent reports have our unemployment rate hovering around 8.3%. This is down slightly compared to late 2016 when it peaked (hopefully!) around 9% but still very high when compared to two years ago when it sat at 4.6%. From Friday’s jobs report, here’s Canada’s latest unemployment rates by province. #cdnecon pic.twitter.com/zF4K9gPXbM — Trevor Tombe (@trevortombe) March 13, 2017 I’ve been lucky to have had stable employment since […]

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Healthy Amount of Stress

I was recently listening to the audiobook version of ‘#Girlboss‘ (worst title ever) by Sophie Amoruso, and there was a section in the book that talked about stress that stuck with me. The rest of the book was just ok. I liked Sophie’s no-nonsense attitude, but listened to it as an audiobook and found the narrator to be a bit annoying. It was also the very first audiobook I’ve every listened to (I talk about that here), so maybe my lack experience was a factor. Is that a thing…do your audiobook listening skills improve with practice? The quote […]

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Do you really have to LOVE your job?

Should you settle when it comes to your career or chase a dream job?

How many times have you heard the old cliche ‘love what you do’? I’m guessing too many times. I actually hate that saying! It feels like one of those unattainable ideals that we’re supposed to live up to; like having a supermodel body, having a perfect relationship or never getting a zit. What if you just like your job? You don’t hate it, but if you won the lottery tomorrow you’d be handing in your notice lightning fast and packing up to travel the world or do whatever it is you ACTUALLY really love. If you all […]

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