30 Goals For Your 30s

30 Goals to Make Your 30s The Best Decade Yet

Last month I celebrated my 32nd birthday. I’m not a big birthday person. My usual celebration is dinner at an upscale restaurant with the boyfriend and my folks and then a girls night with a few glasses of bubbly. Birthdays do get me thinking about where I’m at and if I’m happy. Reflecting on the good and the bad from the past year helps make sure I’m on the right track with my finances, my career and my personal life and set goals for the upcoming year. And because I’m a blogger, I figured hey, why not write […]

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How To Talk Yourself Out Of Spending Money

Three tactics to convince yourself to stop spending money!

Do you struggle with reducing your spending even though you know you’re buying things you don’t need? I do. It’s something I’m constantly working on. I see something I want, and I have to convince myself to stop spending money. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Reducing temptations by staying away from the mall and not browsing online retailers in my free time helps. I’m like a kid that way. You know how they have parental controls for non-PG websites? I need that, but for Amazon (and Sephora and ASOS and Old Navy…) Without going completely offline, there […]

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Are You Wasting Your TFSA?

Are you wasting your #TFSA by choosing the wrong investment options?

Saving money is a big deal. It sets you up for success and can build confidence in all aspects of your life. But how do you know where to start? Are you supposed to be using a bank account or are there better options available? In Canada, we have RRSP’s and TFSA’s that each have unique advantages for saving and building your wealth. RRSP’s are designed for long-term retirement savings. Contributions are subtracted from your income and can give you a tax refund. Then your money grows tax-free until you start withdrawing it in retirement. TFSA’s give you a lot […]

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Pay Off Debt Fast with a Balance Transfer Credit Card

Looking for help paying off #debt? You should try a balance transfer credit card.

Let’s talk about consumer debt; the Cruella de Vil of personal finance. I’m sure we all remember the day we got our first credit card. It was exciting, right? All of a sudden you had access to money at just the swipe of a card and you didn’t have to worry about when your pay cheque was getting deposited. It’s a big jump into adulthood, but not one that we all dealt with responsibly. I don’t have a story of paying off a considerable sum of debt, but I did struggle with keeping my consumer debt under […]

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18 Ways To Spring Clean Your Finances

Don't just spring clean your house, spring clean your #money too!

It’s that time of year when the weather is starting to turn, and it feels like spring might be just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I always find myself more motivated to get things done now than I do at the start of the year. I’m spending more time outside, thinking about what’s going in the garden this year, and getting motivated to deep clean the house. Why not carry-over that spring cleaning mentality to your money? Many of us set goals at the beginning of the year to spend less, earn more, […]

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Ladies, STOP Trying to Do It All!

How to fight back against the #investinggap for #internationalwomensday #womenrockmoney

Today is International Women’s Day, and to celebrate I’m joining the #WomenRockMoney movement. The mission? Get more women involved in money and work towards equality. My contribution? I want to let all you ladies off the hook and motivate you to close the investing gap. For more inspiring posts head over to the WomenRockMoney headquarters, and get involved by sharing your money wins using the #WomenRockMoney hashtag. There’s this mentality that women need to be kind, nurturing, and accommodating, while also running the world from the backseat. This piles on the pressure and makes us feel like […]

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Careers Aren’t What They Used To Be

How #career paths are changing, and what that means for #millennials

Put your hand up if one, or even both, of your parents worked the same job for as long as you can remember? My hand is up. My Dad worked as an engineer with the same company for 30 years. It was the first job he took when he emigrated to Canada in the 80’s, and stayed until he retired. My mom initially took a job as a physiotherapist at the local hospital when arriving in Canada, and then switched into private practice where she stayed for the next two decades. That was pretty typical of the baby […]

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5 Ways To Be The Boss Of Your Money

Take control and be the #boss of your #money with these 5 simple steps.

People have a bad habit of losing control of their money and letting it run their lives. I used to be bad for this. My money didn’t have a job. I would work, my pay cheque would get deposited into my bank account, then I’d freely spend until I ran out of money and did it all over again. I didn’t put any thought into what I was spending on and savings? That was for old people! I had all the time in the world to worry about grown-up stuff like buying a house and saving for […]

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Mortgage or RRSP? Why Not Both?

What will give you the biggest #money win? Paying down your #mortgage or saving for #retirement?

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone 💖 Whether you’re celebrating or not, there’s nothing wrong with sending out the love (and chocolate…there is nothing wrong with sending chocolate). The bf and I are not big on Valentine’s Day, it’s rare for us to go out and we don’t exchange gifts. I find that restaurants are so busy and a lot of places do a ‘special’ menu for the night, which often doesn’t stand up to their usual fare. Instead, we stay in and cook dinner together. Sometimes it’s fancy, sometimes it’s meatballs and mashed potatoes (that’s tonight if […]

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Taking Down The Patriarchy One Tampon At A Time

Fighting back against the #pinktax and the #tampontax

Ok ladies and gents…we’re talking about periods and the tampon tax today. I feel like I need to put a disclaimer on that so if my Dad ever stumbles across my blog, he can stop reading. I consider myself a feminist, but there are specific details about my leak week that I’d rather not share with certain people. Clearly that’s not internet strangers! If you don’t like where this is going then feel free to bow out (but also realize that you might be part of the problem, just saying.) Recently there have been reports about the […]

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